The new flagship of the company South Korean be available during the first quarter of 2014, leave the plastic housing and the size screen might not be a problem.

Although the trend it is equipped with large screens to smartphones so that users can enjoy pictures and videos, there are several voices that criticize the difficulty of using these devices to the extent that incorporate displays , especially over 5 inches.

Samsung does not want to give more headaches to their clients in this regard. Observers who have had the opportunity to use the Galaxy Note III said handle is not recommended for long periods with just one hand, in conclusion, it is uncomfortable to do one operation without using both hands. Indeed, this extends to other mobile devices.


To simplify things, the technology company of South Korea has patented a new function to adjust the interface to achieve the user’s hand and this would, according to the observations of the Galaxy Club website, with the S5 .

The document was entitled Method and Apparatus of Controlling User Interface Using Touch Screen and was presented last May at World Intellectual Property Organization . From the aforementioned website, which had access to the letter, ensure that the function would create new opportunities to operate a mobile computer with one hand.

While it is a technical treatise, the patent describes, in summary, a method to suit the comfort zone with a graphical user interface. This would allow the user to resize the interface to better manage the device.

The role would come with the Samsung Galaxy S5 is based on the comfort zone of the smartphone: the area of the screen that covers the scope of the thumb. From My Computer would require that the new release can rotate the phone to use it diagonally to resize the icons that identify the different applications in the main menu.

The main advantage of all this is, of course, the user will no longer be obliged to always navigate within a grid, because you will have total control on the screen.

Other technology portals have ensured that the successor of the Galaxy S4 hit the market during the first quarter of 2014. Meanwhile, the Korean newspaper ETN News has stated that the terminal would come equipped with a 16 megapixel camera. What is not clear is whether incorporate optical image stabilizer ( OIS ).

On that last point, recent rumors indicate that Samsung will leave the technology to the Galaxy Note IV. Other reports suggest that the new flagship will leave the plastic housing by aluminum. Indeed, the company would have already selected the manufacturer Catcher main supplier.

But the S5 does not come alone, he would hand the next Galaxy Gear 2, with whom he would support. It should be remembered that the very heads of South Korean weeks ago acknowledged his clever clock needed something special. So 2014 could become an excellent opportunity to showcase two really innovative products.