A few days before that would start the Mobile World Congress developed a video that speculated with the possibility that Samsung presented at this fair the Galaxy S5 as a pretext to launch later a new line of smartphones further Premium, because it could be seen as the S5 did not land with news very striking.

Well, although we do not want to brag not seem repellent, the fact is that. what I said! It seems that time has proved us right, as the latest leaks suggest the birth of a family of high-end smartphones by the name of Galaxy F. In fact, some rumors suggest as the South Korean company would be working to bring out its official launch in April and May (coinciding with the possible release of other HTC handsets such as the 2014 or even the One LG G3).


What would surpass the Galaxy S5?

However, already have begun to make all kinds of pools on the specifications that could ride this new flagship course of the company. First, many have raised the possibility that it may be Samsung’s first smartphone to feature a true 64-bit processor in the European market (remember that was expected to integrate the S5, but ultimately did not).

On the other hand, it is also said that could land a Quad HD or 2K display, ie provided with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. The Galaxy S5 also disappoint in this area, as it was expected more than Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels), so the Galaxy F could save the ballot. As for performance, this terminal could add up to 4 GB of RAM (3 GB exceeding the Galaxy Note 3 to 2 GB of S5).

Also, another of the most striking aspects of this device would be its design, which show a ‘radical’ change over previous products of the company with the presence of more straight and fitted with great character in the back lines and as with the insertion of the metal in the housing itself. This, obviously, would be to have a high price. If we consider that the S5 would an appearance on the market for about 730 €, imagine to what could upgrade this terminal.