A report published by Bloomberg collected statements of “two people familiar with the plans of the South Korean “. The new terminal would use an updated version of the technology ‘Youm’.

Samsung Electronics would be developing a smartphone with a three-sided screen so that the user can check your notifications from different angles it would not be necessary to place the terminal in one direction.

“Two people familiar with the plans of South Korea” revealed to Bloomberg that the screen “wrap the edges” of the smartphone, which could reach the market in the second half of 2014 under the line or Galaxy Note. It has not been ruled out, however, that the team could mark the beginning of a new family of phones.

The report notes that the new commitment of Samsung incorporate an improved version of the technology ‘Youm’. In fact, during the Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ), the South Korean manufacturer introduced its advances in the field of flexible displays when was the aforementioned technology.


At that time, the vice president of Samsung’s display division, Brian Berkeley, showed off a mobile device including Youm, where a plastic screen stretched sideways.

The sources consulted by Bloomberg indicated that the Galaxy Round , which was launched a few weeks ago, has ‘Flexible Youm’. In the case of the terminal that the company prepares its innovation department, which is projected to make each side of the screen to work independently.

Indeed, recall that the technology has announced days ago that introduced to the market “fully flexible screens” for 2015. Its CEO , Kwon Oh Hyun, has stated that this technology will be integrated in various mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and wearable.

By mid-2014 and early 2015, the company wants to offer screens that are able to bend and later, in that same year, promises to launch devices with 100% fordable displays. This technology will make it possible for mobile literally can bend ‘style’ of a wallet.

In fact, Apple does not want to be left behind when it comes to displays . The archival South Korea would be developing, meanwhile, iPhones larger, curved screens and pressure sensors, as Bloomberg said more than a week ago.”Samsung battle against Apple to introduce innovative devices while preparing for a slowdown in the segment of high-end smartphones, where Samsung sells about one in three devices,” says the latest report published by that site.