The Korean does not want to be at a disadvantage to Google, Apple and Microsoft in this area. For that reason, has set its sights on software firms in Silicon Valley, according to a document to which WSJ agreed.

The South Korean company has become the largest manufacturer of smartphones. His strategy to make available devices market different sizes and specifications and interesting features worked.

But now Samsung is facing a new challenge: to become a powerhouse in software. The technology is not willing to stand behind Google , Apple and Microsoft in that regard. So, according to a document to which the daily WSJ had access and other sources familiar with the matter, has sights on some software companies in Silicon Valley.


According to U.S. media, the paper explains how South Korea could become prominent in the categories of games, mobile search, social networking and related services to maps and also includes investment objectives. This corresponds to a presentation on mergers and acquisitions prepared by the Center for Media Solutions Samsung, the unit working in software initiatives.

In response to the aims pursued, the technology giant has been under scrutiny by video game pioneer Atari Inc. That approach makes sense, considering that cellular phones have company exclusively with classic games like Asteroids and Pong.

Meanwhile, Unity Technologies, which develops platforms for gaming, and Green Throttle Games Inc., which makes software joysticks and connecting mobile devices to the TV, are other firms that Samsung is evaluating closely.

The document also reveals that Glympse, a start-up that has developed a system that allows users to share their location with their contacts, is attractive to South Korea. What he seeks is that their smartphones are able to integrate this service with the calendar application and contact other functions. an Israeli mobile search engine, could be acquired. But this is not the only target of purchase. Samsung wants to compete against FaceTime, Apple, and Hangouts, of Google, with the acquisition of the video-chat application, of Rounds.

U.S. $ 1,100 million is the amount you have available that signature, to make investments in various start-ups and, of course, to hire software engineers. But the company also wants to stop relying on Google’s mobile operating system: Android. Thus, along with Intel Corp., and is focusing its efforts on developing Tizen. Will Samsung finally launch a smartphone with an OS itself?