Samsung comes back for the smartphone market medium size with the Samsung Galaxy Win whose appearance and performance echoes the successful Galaxy S4.

Samsung will market a new mid-range Android phone. The Samsung Galaxy Win is a mini version of Galaxy S4. Have a powerful quad-core 1.2 GHz remains unknown market price where available. It looks like a handy and lightweight terminal as only has 144 grams and dimensions of 133.3 x 70.7 x 3.65 millimeters, similar to those displayed by the Galaxy Express although less thick.

The Galaxy Win will be a competitive tool to handle demanding tasks while still providing seamless user experience with intuitive efforts, including dual SIM support, a large 4.7-inch screen for optimal viewing and easy to access mode simple to the most used functions.


The new terminal based Android Jelly Bean version with a ‘hardware’ powerful which makes it easy to develop games and multimedia with a display and processor that supports all kinds of games. The multimedia features of this new ‘smartphone’ includes a 5 Megapixel camera with multiple functions, including continuous shooting, Best Cinematography and multiple color effects to enhance the quality of images taken through the terminal. On the other hand, also has a VGA front camera with which to make video calls.

Technical capacity is the great strength of the phone. Have a large storage capacity with 8GB counting in which to save both files and applications. It also has additional services easy mode Samsung, Samsung ‘Choose’, ‘Smart Alert’ and ‘Motion UX’, with which to obtain more complete and terminal experience. On the other hand, the ‘smartphone’ also features accelerometer, proximity sensor and digital compass with which to improve the location of the device and user navigation.

The terminal has three novel features: ‘Easy Mode’ Smart Alert ‘and’ Motion UX ‘. With the ‘Easy Mode’, the terminal displays a start up screen simple and intuitive to develop simplified access to commonly used functions for the user. Meanwhile, smart alert feature enables users to access event notifications you may have missed (calls, messages, deadlines) to pick up the phone. Finally, ‘motion UX’ will help users to use features like Mute Refresh and Update and search for other devices with the simple movement controls.

Samsung and Apple continue to judgments

Moreover, the International Trade Commission (ITC, for its acronym in English) in a preliminary decision has given a lime and sand in the case of patents that have confronted with Samsung and Apple .

According to the judge, the South Korean company broke the law (such as feature selection in text on their smartphones and ‘tablets’) but Samsung Electronics has not violated the law as alleged Apple demanded a copy of a system that allows a device to detect if a microphone or any other device is connected to the device, as he assured the judge in a decision that was issued on March 26, but has been kept confidential until last Thursday to allow the companies writing commercially sensitive information.

The case is not closed yet because the full commission must now decide whether to keep or overturn the judge’s decision. A final decision is expected next August. If confirmed, the ITC may request that any offending device ceases to be imported into the United States. Apple has alleged that the Galaxy devices, Samsung Transform and Nexus, among others, were some of those manufactured by the South Korean with infringing technology.

The brand founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak filed a complaint in mid-2011 accusing Samsung of violating its patents in the manufacture of a wide range of smartphones and digital tablets. The ITC Judge Thomas Pender revealed in a preliminary decision last October that Samsung had infringed four patents from Apple, but does not violate other two contained in the complaint. There were seven patents listed at first but one fell out during litigation.

According to data from Gartner, Samsung is the world’s largest maker of smartphones, while Apple is second. Apple is waging war on several fronts against Google, whose Android software is included on Samsung devices. The legal battles between Apple and Samsung have been conducted in about 10 countries as they compete for market share in the mobile industry.