The first curved world phone is available so far in South Korea about $ 900. But its features make it a really tempting option? Here, some clarifications.

Do mobile devices with curved screens are the new trend? At least at that point Samsung and LG with the proposed Round Galaxy Flex and LG, respectively. However, the price to become owner of one of these smartphones is too high: everyone is above U.S. $ 900 in South Korea. But is it worth it?

Round Galaxy, the first curved world smartphone display, is essentially a curved version of the Galaxy Note III, except for the S-Pen. Moreover, pointing from the specialized technology website Engadget, share many similar characteristics.

So, the teams have a 5.7 ​​inch screen, 1080p resolution, micro- USB 3.0, a 2.3GHz Snapdragon processor 800, 3GB of RAM, 13-megapixel rear camera with video recording capability UHD a microSD and a removable battery. And even the two devices in question are similar in design.


In other words, regardless of the ability to produce flexible screens Samsung, potential customers will not find anything startlingly new in the Galaxy Round. Indeed, there are only two differences with respect to Note III : a smaller battery and the famous “roll effect”. This feature lets take a quick look at the notifications.

Despite not include special features, Samsung has managed to develop a smartphone nice enough to hold, even with one hand for long periods, observers suggest. It is quite comfortable to use.

“Super Amoled Flexible screen looks as good as the Galaxy Note III. This does not necessarily provide a more or less at the time immerse experience of watching movies. Round uses the same processor. Therefore, the performance is almost the same. The use of the Internet and general navigation are virtually identical, “says Brad Molen of Engadget.

In conclusion, the Galaxy Round is simply a curved phone that has good part of the qualities that define the Galaxy Note III. Out of the “roll effect” and better ergonomics offers no additional improvement to justify its high price.

“It is a great phone in terms of performance, but it incorporates a feature that would force disburse about $ 900. This is new. And yes, also works as a luxury item for the wealthy geeks look at parties “concludes Molen.