Lost among many Galaxy phones and tablets? Here are all models and ranges they sell, and who is it for everyone.

It’s been almost 5 years since that first Samsung Galaxy, Mobile to begin competition with Apple iPhone. From then on the family did nothing but get bigger, covering all ranges and different types of products, such as tablets, cameras and even watches. This scenario is very likely that the user and follower of miss the mark, so you may want to replace your old Galaxy and do not know where to grab. In this guide we show you the most interesting phones and tablets of different ranges, so you know which improves fits your needs. Let’s start!


Galaxy Note 3:

The phablet reference and one of the best phones in the world . We speak of a terminal very large (5.7 inch display) that has a stylus for notes and several ideal applications for supporting the work of office. For example you can store reminders, create graphic images or cut by hand, things that a regular smartphone are very difficult. Their price is 500 €.

Galaxy S5:

The new mobile star of the company, which is coming out soon. Screen 5.1 inch full HD, 4-core processor very fast and one of the best and fastest cameras in a mobile. An important novelty in this model is water-resistant and dust, along with a better back cover material. The S5 is the premium choice without leaving a giant size as the Note. confirmed price.

Galaxy S4:

Almost equal to S5, and considering that there will be cheaper to take that into account. Mobile premium with spectacular display of 5 inches and a lot of power as its greatest assets. Definitely if the S5 is very expensive S4 might still be the king of the high-end Samsung. Their price is 400 €.