If the report is true SamMobile, the South Korean company will employ a strategy similar to the one Apple used in 2013, when it launched the iPhone iPhone 5S and 5C, metal and plastic, respectively.

Samsung is a few months to launch its next flagship. The Samsung Galaxy S5 will arrive before April, according to a recent statement by a spokesman for the technology based on South Korea.

Now a new report SamMobile, a blog that has history report accurately, before being thrown-details of the gadgets of Samsung, said that the multinational plans to launch two models of the next Galaxy, one with plastic body and other with metal body.

“Yes, it will come in metal and the other plastic cutlery come. The metal version will cost around 800 euros and plastic model will cost nearly 650 euros. It is more or less similar to what has made ​​Apple, featuring a plastic iPhone ( iPhone 5C ) and other metal ( iPhone 5S ) “confirmed the portal.


According to the sources consulted by SamMobile, the Galaxy S5 sport a screen Super AMOLED with 2560 × 1440 resolution. The blog said it could not confirm the exact size of the device, although this would have a 5.25 inch, as recent rumors have indicated.

A Samsung executive said last week, told Bloomberg that the phone will be launched by April and the future owners of the Samsung Galaxy S5 could unlock the smartphone through reflecting the iris of the eye.

Other versions

presented South Korea, after the release of the S5, a smaller version of its future flagship phone, the Galaxy Mini S5 . I might even unveil another model, the S5 Galaxy Zoom . These terminals could arrive between May and June 2014, according to information collected the aforementioned portal. Both devices incorporate a screen Super AMOLED and would work with the operating system Android 4.4 KitKat .