Goodbye white background and a box to search information. This is the first time that Microsoft has integrated this feature to one of its operating systems : claims to Bing, to preview and operates the relevant results.

Microsoft has 90% market share globally operating systems, but Windows 8 recently reached 8% in September. However, the signing of Bill Gates continues to bring new products, targeting different audiences. This time, Windows 8.1, available free to those who already have Windows 8 – is an update with ‘little big’ changes and surprising feature: search.

Smart Search Windows 8.1 is a native application that is now collecting information on local files (inside the tablet, laptop or PC) and the Internet, using its Bing search engine, being able to make accurate ratings by file type and source. This is the first time the concept of relevance-the kingdom is operated by Google, Microsoft, with integrated presentation order and your operating system.


Gonzalo Jourde , Manager of Marketing and Business at Microsoft Peru , also highlighted this function during a presentation Windows 8.1. “When you talk about search, one thinks of a website, with a box to enter text. What you get is usually a series of links and I have to start to see what suits me. I do not know what will happen when I click “explained.

How he showed on a ThinkPad tablet, the button ‘Search’ for a universal search but orderly. Even to preview the list of links to which we are accustomed, showing an excerpt of the content and image, with what we know in advance what will be really useful site before entering.

Apps ‘live’

mosaics or tiles features of Windows 8 are maintained in this new version, and continue to act so that the information each app process real-time display on the home screen. No need to type the application to read the news or watch the states of our contacts in social networks.

Facebook is here another novelty. So far, Microsoft had not joined the social network as a native application (something that its competitors were already doing). Apart from the instant feedback, multitasking also arrives renewed with ‘snap view’: when you open a photo in an email, for example, ‘open’ a space for that new item without closing the other application, all in one view .

The return button ‘Start’, said Jourde is also another change. But do not confused: will be a welcome guide for those just opt ​​for Windows 8, but the Start Menu and will not return. The mosaics are here to stay and this time promises to be more comfortable and adjust to the needs of its users (from the bottom of the screen, the size and location of each block).


In 2004, Google launched Google Desktop, a program to be downloaded and allowed only seek information from local files, e-mails and chats. However, this required index all the information on Google and there were several safety concerns. The project was canceled in 2011.