The latest releases of smartphones from different tech giants have left users wanting to purchase a new one. Review quickly which alternative best fits what you want.

The design, software and hardware, the selection of content and price of the latest smartphones have been the factors discussed by the website Business Insider that, following the results, compiled a list of the top 10 global terminals.

No.10 G LG Optimus Pro

Is the phablet company logo, or a smartphone with a big screen that is almost a tablet. The Optimus has a 5.5-inch screen capable of playing Full HD 1080p video. If you like big screens, this is a great device.

No.9 Samsung Galaxy Note III

Samsung popularized the category “phablet” Galaxy Note with line two years ago. The phone is now in its third generation with Note III . It has a 5.7 ​​inch screen, while its body is thinner and lighter than the device launched last year. It also comes with a special stylus called S Pen to draw or take notes.


No.8 4 Google Nexus

Google Nexus phones are designed to showcase the best that Android has to offer. The flagship device is the Californian multinational Nexus 4 . Unlocked is priced at U.S. $ 199. However, Google is preparing to launch its next Nexus phone, as soon as this month.

No. 7 iPhone 5C

The new Apple phone replaces the iPhone 5 because it inherits many of its features and specifications. The only difference is that the economic model of the block is made ​​of rigid polycarbonate and is available in five new colors: blue, red, yellow, green and white.

No. 6 Samsung Galaxy S4

Is one of the most hyped devices of the year. It’s a good phone, but it could be, in a way, too much for some people. This is because Samsung packed the S4 noisy and complex features, probably underutilized.

No.5 Google Samsung Galaxy S4 Edition

Samsung and Google have teamed up to offer a special edition of Galaxy S4 . The “Google Edition” excludes all software extras South Korea and instead has a “clean” version of Android, straight from Mountain View. The basic version of the green robot is one of the best, and it’s great to see it running on powerful hardware.

No.4 Motorola Moto X

Runs almost clean version of Android, but Motorola added some tricks, such as the ability to quickly check the notifications while the screen is locked. Customers of AT & T in the United States can also customize the layout of Moto X with a variety of color options.

No.3 HTC One

Direct rival Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. The flagship of HTC Corp is manufactured from a single piece of aluminum, which has earned the approval of many critics.

No.2 HTC Google Edition One

Like Samsung, HTC partnered with Google to create a “Google Edition” of its flagship smartphone. The terminal has a clean version of Android without unnecessary extras and has a design similar to classified position three.

No.1 iPhone 5S

For most people, the 5S is the best smartphone available. It is the perfect balance of great design, useful features, mobile applications and content selection. The iPhone 5S is almost identical to the iPhone 5 in design, but incorporates a fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone without a password.