Although sometimes a little heavy having to update applications on any of these occasions, we get pleasant surprises in the form of novelty. One of these surprises we have recently had thanks to the well-known messaging application WhatsApp, which has added a new feature that allows you to edit the texts putting letters in bold italic and even cross out words or a whole text.


Do your messages are lost in the sea of messages that is the group that you have with your friends do you want to make it clear somewhere in your text? Do you have to send a formal message and want to edit it ? If so, or if you just want to surprise your contacts with an original text we explain how to WhatsApp bold italics in both Android and iOS.

If you want to know how to put in bold italics WhatsApp and have Android please download the latest update or at least have the version 2.12.535 of this application. If you already have the required minimum version, you can now enter different text formats either bold italic and even delete the text to give more dynamism to your conversations and make them more clear and visual.

If you have ever seen as a contact you wrote a text in italics in WhatsApp chances are you have spent minutes trying to find the setting that allows you to do it too, however, this does not appear automatically but it is necessary to use a series command to decorate your text the way you want. Here is how to put on WhatsApp bold italics.

As we have said there is no direct button to bold or italic but if you have Android is very simple to get shape the text putting emphasis added WhatsApp: You simply add the character of the asterisk in front and behind the word, you want to appear in bold. Putting emphasis added. However, if you want to put bold italics and have a mobile with iOS operating system do not worry, in fact, these phones were the first who enjoyed text-editing application that allows WhatsApp. To access this functionality you need to update your application at least until version 2.12.17.

Putting bold in iOS: Adding the asterisk character (*) at the beginning and end of the word, you want to bold. How italicize iOS Adding underscore character (_) at the beginning and end of the word you want to italicize. Another of the successes of this new feature is that you can use several of these formats at once in a single word or message, combining them so you can write the same word in both italics and bold.