Not Hollow warns the Minister providers of Internet connections to deliver guaranteed bandwidth also.

Many service providers for Internet-based telecommunications promise the users delighted in colorful brochures rapid bit rates. The Agency initiated in 2012, a meticulous study of the actual pace at which over 200,000 users involved.

Agency: Providers often do not deliver the promised speed

In fact, many internet providers do not share the actual range of their leased access to the Internet. Sharp measurements show anyway that only one in five users its contractual rate actually receives. Your networking agency had examined the actual rates of compounds of DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) or cable and mobile. Those speeds lagged the booked “to” bandwidth in most cases far behind.

Particularly crass these urgent problems in novel shows connections to LTE: Long Term Evolution reached as most modern standard in mobile theoretically up to 300 megabits per second – in the download. However, many service providers offer this contract at best 50 Mbit / s – and can thus air for several rounds polynuclear price increases. In fact, not even those power is ready: Just once scarce two hundred of these users get promised speed regularly. Nearly a quarter of the customers enjoying just half that pace in daily practice.


But even with the well-known DSL connections is the weak unbearable in the premium segments of the bandwidth: There are less than five percent of the customers the maximum capacity promised delight. Particularly explosive for the German Telekom and other companies of its kind, a laconic statement of the study shows: Provider of cable TV connections to the Internet to run their practical conditions “as a result much more realistic than DSL / VDSL and mobile offers” were. Capacitive in plain text: Telecom & Co. have simply so many users so high achievements in the paper sold that their sum is not from the current network to provide.

Company: slow to fast Internet

Of course, knowing the provider in question has long been the of fact sluggish connections. However, the hidden or open release of market conditions sleeping lei (s) helps maintenance reserves not, the apparent crisis of the transfer capacity to solve completely. And ministerial power words against physical laws act cute. As an interim solution, limping respective companies first want to accelerate the existing DSL connections. This would particularly the telecom double the actual speed of many channels to the Internet.