There isn’t a single business in the GTA (or the entire world) that doesn’t gather and store sensitive information. When little attention is paid to the secure disposal of obsolete financial and client records, a business faces severe consequences. Federal laws dictate specific measures must be taken in order to protect the privacy rights of employees and customers. Should any business infringe on these rights, they face worse things than a damaged reputation. They can be slapped with significant fines.

Simply throwing out these confidential files is not enough. The trash cans on your premises may not have enough security ensuring their contents are safe from prying eyes. Identity thieves target companies in particular to find their financial records so they can extort the company or their clients. They use the contact information, account numbers, and SIN recorded on these papers to create false accounts. There’s no way to guarantee your dumpsters are safe, which is why an increasing number of GTA businesses are turning to shredding services like Absolute Destruction for protection.

Shredding services consist of highly trained individuals who understand the dangers of identity theft and know how to prevent it. These professionals arrive in state-of-the-art mobile shredders to your place of business and collect all of the material needing to be thrown out. When you contact the trained and vetted specialists at Absolute Destruction, they’ll destroy all of your paper and electronic waste using these mobile shredders. The entire process will be done on site, and they won’t leave until they can give you their “guarantee of destruction”. After which, the destroyed material will be recycled at a secure facility.

When you can get a guarantee such as that, your business will be able to adhere to the privacy laws set out by the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (PIPEDA). This federal legislation makes it mandatory for all businesses to properly shred vital documents. Stiff fines and other penalties await those businesses that don’t follow this act.

Mishandling confidential material can expose your business to legal, reputation, and financial damages that can significantly affect your ability to succeed in this economy. Rather than delegate the destruction of your paper and electronic records to untrained employees, secure a mobile shredding service Toronto business owners trust. Allow their vetted professionals help you dispose of important information the right way and stick to the letter of the law.