In Tecnonautica follow the recommendations to protect your Internet privacy. Do you like social media but do not want to stay with your photos and content? Like navigate without knowing from where you do? So this post has some tools that can serve

The Internet Privacy is on everyone’s lips since it was leaked information about international espionage, users want to be more informed about the use you give your personal information. Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other Internet services have all information about our activities on the network, can we do something to protect?

In the previous post we talked about open source software and encryption of e-mails, now we focus on social networking and IP blocking for safe navigation. In Tecnonautica tell you some things you may not know, or were taking into account, on the Internet.


A social network that respects you

It’s no secret, Facebook uses your personal data for all types of financial maneuvers, and if you are interested in sharing your life with your friends, a social network that respects your privacy is essential. So, beyond the criticism that he can do to Mark Zuckerberg and his huge platform, it is best social network Diaspora, designed for the user to have real control over what you post. You want to delete a picture you do not like, forever? It can be done. Want to have control over your photos and Publications Diaspora is the social network for you, you will not have to deal with the restrictions and covenants of Facebook to make everything public, owned by Beiderbecke.

IP block

Finally, a tool that should be present on your computer to protect our browsing experience: An IP blocker . The IP address is like your computer, so you have to try to keep it hidden from the reach of others, with services like Tor can hide it so no one knows where we are connecting. Alternatively Free net , which functions similarly.

Conclusions on privacy and information security

Achieve absolute and perfect privacy is not possible on the Internet, but we can get enough. The important thing is to use the network carefully, knowing that there may be users trying to take advantage of our personal information. Do not enter our data in strange places, avoid sharing files or data with unknown people, and protect our privacy as far as we can, are the keys to avoid unpleasant surprises when surfing the Internet.