Business and the world of the sale are evolving very quickly. Online stores, with e-commerce software are current. Speed, immediacy in the purchase availability over time and anywhere, and other advantages make the business has been transferred to the bedizen network in a high percentage, and that the Software e-commerce is a key element to give these platforms necessary operation. However, it is proving that purchases are made until when choosing a means of payment.

Prepare your e-commerce software

The e-commerce software to collect various forms of payment, and present them so that confidence in the buyer is generated. It is very important that our system of e-commerce software have the ability to adapt itself to new technologies, in order to inspire confidence in the customer. The dropout rate, once the digital shopping cart is willing to pay is high. A high percentage of purchases are abandoned at the last moment, at the time of payment processing.

The Bank remains a great ally for our companies, well connected with the company we manage through our e-commerce software. In this sense, purchases through mobile applications are becoming more frequent. The convenience and speed of the operation and virtual payment anywhere, is making many companies with online store are adapting and evolving its software e-commerce to m-commerce solutions. There is an increasing demand, and the percentage of purchases from mobile devices is reaching and important figures growth of m-commerce in Spain, 48% is expected for 2015.

As Software, development and evolution of e-commerce we have in our businesses are generating solutions that respond to the need for applications to buy and pay through the mobile device. Our smartphones are also mini-computers, making electronic purses, capable of replacing the payment means known so far. Banks are aware of this revolution are turning to offer its customers new ways to manage transactions and operations of their cards through mobile applications, and is a safe and fast.

  • First, those payment transactions are encrypted and that gives security.
  • In addition, the fees will pay for these operations are very low.
  • There is no need to introduce high data confidentiality or banking etc.
  • Consider, for example, that do not carry the exact cash for payment that our credit card is not accepted etc.

Mobile peer to peer an example of this is the known Paypal. By a registered user on a platform, it is possible to transfer funds between two terminals. Mobile payment acceptance not yet developed in Spain. The mobile device will be able to read credit and debit cards as if it were a POS terminal. Mobile M-commerce applications developed in our devices to manage payments from online stores.