Have you ever thought of a photovoltaic system to replace the power grid? Maybe you do not know what will be useful, even for the Environment, harness solar energy and turn it into electricity with the use of its photovoltaic modules. Surely you happen to see some of the roads especially in areas open, companies, camping … Well, maybe you do not know, however, that it is also possible for condominiums and private and that, moreover, among the many advantages there are considerable benefits tax. Let us see, then, all aspects of the tax that is legal for photovoltaics.

First of all we specify that PV systems are a bit ‘expensive with regard to the installation, but it is well established that the technologies are mandolin almost all the negative initials (such as intermittent). Suffice it to say that for many condominiums, for example, you are opting for plants with accumulation, systems that maintain the electrical energy (always derived from the one solar) not exploited for further use even when the system is off. Practically, a reduction of costs and zeroing bills. Now, everything has to be properly evaluate also calculating the tax incentives. What is this? I’ll explain it.


The renovations and building restoration fall into that category where you have significant tax deductions that are generally 36% but, until December 2013, seems to be well by 50%! Individuals This benefit can so that even exceeds the limit of December, has to calculate that the costs are significantly below expectations because you will still be deducted 36% from taxes. Accurate, moreover, that the facilitation of 50% triggered when the expenses were made, which means that is obtained even if the system is not connected by the date of 31 December 2013.

Another observation to be made ​​about the benefits of a PV system is the legal aspect. On this plan a photovoltaic system needs, of course, bureaucracy precise and careful. then the manufacturer must make a specific request by the public authority of competence, region or province, in which you specify the characteristics of the plant, the place, and general land the building that will support him and, of course, size. entity is required to issue the authorization following a conference of the Services 30 days following the request, but not more than 180.

As far as their classification, whether real or movable property, there are still ongoing disputes between the various agencies of the Territory, as some of them are just a set of metal structures, cables and electrical wiring which, although linked to a building, does not fall to be part of it, and then, in this case, are not immovable property. However, for many others, should be only the dimensions to determine if such plants are to be considered of movable or immovable property. Meanwhile you clarify the ideas. The advice is to do a damn little thought!