List and brief explanation of the components of an online shop.

And we started: Business plan and business knowledge are up to date with the facts. Planning is – let’s practice! To allow customers to access via search engines ( Web browser) to Shop desired information on products or products in your basket load virtual, the system Online shop must have corresponding functional options. The focus – from the point of view of the Online-bidder – is emphasized in the presentation of the product itself, and, if implemented in the order, in the proper management of payment and shipping. The thorough knowledge of standardized components of their own shop by the owner, enables smooth and efficient communication between it and the client. But that should be part of a system indispensably shop ?


The administration of all information from the product to the customer, through the commission and shipping, it facilitates the database (a comfortable digital token system) for consultations, administrative processes and final performance shop.

ERP systems or enterprise resource planning

No products no sale! No proof is not posted! That avoids the ERP, which generates vouchers such as invoices, deliveries referrals, etc., And provides an overview of the product inventory, customer actions and status of orders placed.


The basket – Basket

The virtual basket / cart Virtual is the central element of each shop. This client can load products and specify the order. Various technical solutions – the system-dependent shop – apply here. And do not despise the importance of the different search engines ( Browser ) for this process, which prevent customers, potential buyers are excluded.


A cart full and manager wants to be paid. On the Internet it is not possible with cash, so you have to create interfaces for payment systems. It is essential to offer many services servers with pre-payment systems and post-payment. We must ensure the security and confidentiality of information during the payment process, as sensitive data, security of the bidder and the purchaser, should not come at the hands of others.

Personal account-user client

To specify the order, every buyer can dig, protected by the shadow of anonymity, among offers of shop for information mately ends. By the first order is essential records, which in turn displays the buyer. To provide comfort, the buyer should be able to give the state track your order through your account at the shop.