Purolator is a trusted name in air filters and oil. Manufacturing filters for many years, Purolator has refined the art in science. The company has reached the requirements of what the filters need to do and has developed filters for each application specific.

PureOne Filter

The PureOne is a heavy duty version of the Purolator Classic. Their range of efficacy is 99.9 percent, ie filters 99.9 percent of all particles. Purolator claims that even is able to trap microscopic particles. It has all the functions of Purolator Classic, but it also has additional functions. First, it has a PTFE treated joint to provide better sealing to the motor base. PTFE is a Teflon-based chemical and is used for their abilities anti friction and resistance to high temperatures.

 oil filters



Purolator Classic

The Purolator Classic is the main filter of the company. Purolator claims a 97.5 percent efficiency. This means that when introducing unfiltered oil, which filter out all particles in a 97.5 percent. It has an anti drain internal valve, which means that the oil will be retained on the filter after the engine is turned off. This helps to eliminate dry engine start-up, which causes engine wear. This filter is recommended for cars that have been driven less than 15,000 miles (24,140 km) per year for highway driving. For more than 15,000 miles (24,140 km) per year, or activity intense, PureOne filter is recommended.

Applications of Honda Civic

For convenience of the public, the Purolator offers a guide to implementation . For example, for a 2010 Honda Civic, is recommended for the filter number L14610 Classic, being PureOne PL14610 filter version. For your Honda exact year, check the guide application , since the numbers of filters may change from year to year. In the guide, air and fuel filters respirator are also specified.