In a society founded on the use of energy is necessary to know what are the types of renewable energy available on earth. In the beginning was the sun to give energy to the earth , but by the time the man has learned to use more and more resources that today, in these notes sciences, can be classified into renewable and non-renewable.

The renewable energy sources are also commonly called clean energies as they are not polluting the environment. Among the renewable energy sources are solar energy, wind, hydroelectric and biomass that. Let’s go step by step: solar energy is the energy that comes from the sun and is stored with the cells that we call commonly solar panels . The ultraviolet rays, said UV, are absorbed by so-called solar panels and the accumulated heat is converted into energy by heating the water present under the panels themselves. Hydropower is that which derives from the water, which possesses kinetic energy that is utilized to spin the turbine to produce electricity. Wind energy is the energy from the wind and works almost the same way as hydropower, thanks to the kinetic force given off by the wind. This force turns the blades of wind turbines, also known as windmills in popular parlance, which produce electricity.


The non-renewable energy are also the most polluting. In this category we find the coal, the oil, gas and nuclear power. The coal and oil are the energy sources most polluting and also the oldest and most are based on the combustion of materials, coal (mined in the solid state) and oil (extracted from the ground in a liquid state). The energy of the gas always work as combustion and is very close to the oil, even as physical characteristics. The last non-renewable energy, or at risk of collapse, is nuclear energy. Nuclear power is based on nuclear reactions or transformations of the nuclei of the particles. The two procedures, fusion and fission, which frees up energy from atoms with both the break is with the aggregation. This reaction releases heat which heats the water present in large tanks making it evaporate. The steam moves turbines which transform the kinetic energy into electrical energy.

The renewable energy is not a great resource in terms of quantity but are the energies of tomorrow, which, When deployed in the right way, they can replace the old energies at risk of exhaustion. The non-renewable energy and pollutants are likely to finish leaving the humanity dry . Nuclear power also needs to be treated with care and safety, with regard to waste, residues from the nuclear and radioactive pollutants.