The Nokia X will have a screen with shortcuts to the most used applications accesses owners. Also, you can access it by sliding a finger from left to right or touching the Back button.

New phones of Nokia with the system Android will not impress users advanced cell. The Nokia X was created thinking in emerging markets, so the company struggled to keep prices low, with a relatively simple interface.

The home screen reminds of Nokia Lumia phones that work with Windows, although the Nokia X have the Android system, but the news is that Nokia Corp. added a new tool: Fastlane .

This is a quick screen to the most used applications accesses owners. You can access it by sliding a finger from left to right on the Home screen or touching the Back button in the bottom of the cell.


The basic cell Nokia X, which costs 89 euros (U.S. $ 122), has a 4-inch screen and a 3 megapixel camera. The X + version with an SD memory card costs 99 euros (U.S. $ 136), and the XL version, with a 5-inch screen and 5 megapixel camera, sells for 109 euros (U.S. $ 150).

In the brief time I tried the Nokia X at the conference Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain, I found the new tool is a good start. It was something I’d see on most phones, including Nokia using Windows.

I do not like having to spend time customizing a cell, making the icons of frequently used applications reaching the main home screen. Fastlane The good is that you have no time to use for that, for your favorite applications are a move away, more or less.

The top of the Fastlane shows what is about to happen, whether alarms or appointments in your agenda. Below are recently used applications, accommodated by the more recent use of top-down.

Also comes with some applications that usually have information on notifications, as previous images of text messages or alerts that there are people who tried to contact you on the social network WeChat Chinese, for example.

You can see small versions of pictures that can be touched to see larger versions in the gallery application. They also come missed calls, songs and recently visited sites.

If this seems too can block certain applications and certain notifications Fastlane. In the settings you can also add a quick access to social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Nokia does not plan to add Fastlane on their phones with Windows, and I doubt that Android rivals such as Samsung Galaxy S expands III .