The Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia looks to collaborate with Microsoft. So many phones in the future will work with the new operating system.

The Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia staggers for several months. In the recent past, even the boss of the market leader for mobile phones has described his company as a leaky ship beaten. Especially in the field of Symbian OS, the customers have expressed in recent years, and much sharp criticism of the manufacturer. That should change with the future cooperation with Microsoft now. While Microsoft is desperately seeking buyers for its new mobile operating system, Nokia promises of cooperation mainly a saving developments in this segment. But working with Microsoft pushes from the start to criticize.

Windows Phone 7 now available in cheap mobile phones

The new operating system from Microsoft is available only in early 2011 Smartphones and upmarket. The manufacturer HTC and LG put in their latest models on Windows Phone 7 which in the first test and get quite decent reviews. However, both manufacturers are well represented in the market for expensive smartphones. Nokia has however always been very different models. In our range of smartphones as well as the upscale affordable price range are available. In this way, Microsoft benefited at first glance, much more of this business. The new operating system is thus at least back on the devices of the market leader in mobile data devices.


Nokia responds with the cooperation of the fierce attacks of the development – or rather non-development – its previous operating system Symbian. Especially when compared to Android or Apple’s iOS, it could not keep up for some time. Through the use of the substances classified as very good Windows Phone 7, the main criticism might now be ironed out. And unlike the Symbian OS could actually turn expect regular updates and news on the Nokia mobile phones.

Criticism of policy

However, Nokia sees the announcement of the cooperation and massive criticism delivered. Both shareholders and customers see the business with Microsoft with suspicion. The advance of Microsoft in the smartphone market is seen since the beginning of the engagement with HTC as an attempt to Google to be competitors in this segment. The operating system is indeed far to pretty good, but has yet to clear the ears. Nokia also must wonder why they are not directly gone into partnership with Google. The Android system is already for a long time favorite for most customers and is not bound by such a clear hardware limitations such as Windows Phone 7.

It remains to be seen how this cooperation develops in the coming months. If Microsoft succeeds, the operating system to give the right image and convince customers of its functionality, could the cooperation to develop win-win situation. In this way could save Nokia again. Cooperation should not have the desired effect, it could mean the final death knell for the mobile phone giant from Finland.