There are many wireless headphones but if you want them with noise cancellation, the options are greatly reduced. In addition, if we also want them with good audio quality then we will have to look well. Today I want to talk about the Bose Quiet Control 30 a wireless headset with noise cancellation and a very particular design. The company Bose is a leader in audio equipment both fixed and portable. One of the ranges of headphones Bose most acclaimed by critics and audiences is the series Quiet Comfort headphones with active noise cancellation that have managed to win over users.

Wireless Headphones

The noise canceling technology of the company has become a benchmark in the market and now has led to a type of headset that is not normal to see. With these intra-headsets we can control the noise level we want to hear from the outside. The design of headphones Bose Quiet Control 30 does not go unnoticed. According to the company, the throat is designed with soft materials for greater comfort thus allowing long listening sessions. Its ergonomic design adapts to the body of each user so as not to disturb even if we make a long trip with them.

Two wires come from the headband, one with the left earphone and the other with the right earphone. In the cable is in our right ear found a small remote control that includes five buttons. On the right side of the remote control, we find a group of three buttons. The center button of larger size is the multi function button. It is used to pause or start playback and other track controls for videos and music answer and end calls and start voice commands such as Siri or voice dialing. The buttons on each side of the multi function button are the + and volume buttons. On the back of the remote control you will find two more buttons. They are used to control the level of noise cancellation.

Bose quiet control analysis 30 tips

At the end of each of the wires, we have headphones with tips Stay Hear + QC of Bose. These tips are available in three sizes and are made of soft silicone. They offer an umbrella design to create a soft seal at the entrance of the ear canal without getting bothered in long sessions. Inside the choker is a button to turn on the headset and use the Bluetooth function. This button is on the right side, if we look at wearing the headphones.

Adjustable noise cancellation

In addition to a curious and striking design, Quiet Control 30 Bose stands out for its noise cancellation system. With these headphones, we can control how much of the outside world we want to hear. It includes a system of adjustable noise cancellation. How do headphones know which noises to mute? The company has deployed an accurate array of microphones in and out of the helmets to constantly measure, compare and react to noise. Once detected, the system produces an equal and opposite signal to cancel the noise. Besides this active cancellation system, the tips Stay Hear + QC also form a seal to reduce noise passively.

The noise cancellation system is integrated in the headband, as we have discussed. The possibility of regulating noise cancellation will allow us to block distractions without isolating ourselves completely. For example, we may want to talk to someone at a particular time having to lower the level of noise cancellation. If we are outdoors or walking around the city, we may want to isolate ourselves a little from the ambient noise but without it becoming dangerous. We also have the opposite end for example when going in an airplane and we want to isolate ourselves completely of the noise of the motors having to raise to the maximum the level of cancellation.

We must consider that the Quiet Control 30 headphones do not have a spare cable for noise cancellation audio or liability. This means that, unlike other models of the company, as the Quiet Comfort 35 cannot be used when the battery runs out or connects to entertainment systems on board. In addition to the cancellation system, the company has not wanted to leave aside the high quality of audio that usually offer their products. The Bose Quiet Control 30 incorporates an equalization system that optimizes the sound according to the volume. The idea is always to offer a balanced sound, whatever the level at which we are listening to the music.

Connectivity autonomy and price

The Bose Quiet Control 30 provides connectivity Bluetooth and NFC. The included remote control allows leading answer and end calls pause, resume songs, and adjust the volume, all without having to remove the device. The headphones have a range of 10 meters from the source device, although this can be reduced by physical obstructions such as walls or doors, or interference with other electronic devices.

As for the battery, the company ensures that Quiet Control 30 Bose have a range of up to 10 hours per charge. The headphones are charged with the USB cable that accompanies them. The time to charge the battery 100% of the Bose Quiet Control 30 amounts to about three hours. However, if we hurry, official data ensure that a charge of 15 minutes provides approximately one hour of playback.

In short, perfect headphones if we look for noise cancellation and we do not like the big headphones. Headphones with a particular design, due to the headband that goes to the neck, but that can be a great option to use both on a trip as for day to day.