Are you constantly tired and fatigued? You might be suffering from nitrosative and oxidative stress.

Typical signs of aging are not only pale or deep wrinkles, sagging or dry skin. With age can also according to the physical drive, mental performance and libido. The total muscle mass shrinks and with it the muscle. Body proportions change, the fat content increases. Also allows – besides the digestion – also hearing and eyesight . significantly after age spots forming. If these symptoms occur at early age, which is often due to oxidative and nitrosative stress.

Nitrosative and oxidative stress as two sides of the same coin

Dr. Uwe T. Holler M.Sc., specialist in internal medicine and one of the few university-trained Preventive Medicine in Europe, confirms: “nitrosative stress is the cause of many diseases and nutritional deficiencies.” It is activated by nitric oxide (NO), an extremely short-lived, highly reactive chemical compound of the elements nitrogen and oxygen. “NO is needed for various metabolic activities,” says Dr. Holler. “It regulates blood pressure and protects the cells. Concentration exceeds a certain threshold value of nitric oxide, NO can damage body cells.”


As oxidative stress is called a metabolic capable of many reactive oxygen species are present in the. Oxidative and nitrosative stress are like two sides of a coin. Sufferers develop a chronic energy deficit in the early stages. This makes then particularly in the energy-requiring organs such as the central nervous system, heart and muscles felt. The patients are then quickly exhausted and need a longer rest breaks at all. “The energy deficit also caused a constant feeling of hunger and forcing the victims to eat. Therefore, obesity is a common consequence of nitrosative and oxidative stress”.

Avoid nitrosative and oxidative stress

You can avoid nitrosative and oxidative stress, if you go mental and physical pressure out of the way, does not smoke, drink little alcohol and a healthy, balanced diet . But there is also stress triggers that are not easy to leave. These include certain medications, infections caused by viruses or bacteria and radiations (UV, ozone and mobile).

“The consequences of nitrosative and oxidative stress can be detected in the blood,” said Dr. Holler. “I treat him with high doses of vitamin B 12 , alpha lipoic acid and vitamin C . These results not only in an increased load capacity and a weight loss, but also reduces premature aging! ”