We have our hands on the new flagship Google and LG. It is one of the best phones of 2013, no doubt, but it also has some flaws you should know.

Today, my partner Martin and I have compared some of the best phones of 2013 on our Youtube channel, among which are the Sony Xperia Z1, the LG G2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. But as is evident, the Nexus 5 is also one of the best handsets of the year and that is why today we will analyze it and, obviously, to include it in the Top 5 of this amazing technological course ends soon.

Sensations in hand

As always, we’ll start talking about the sensations in hand that has given us this device. First, I must say that the new terminal Google offers a very nice touch thanks to its elaborate design, blending simplicity, discretion and utility at the same time. Includes a plastic rear casing reminiscent touch of a pencil eraser, which seems to give it greater security than just a regular plastic.


On the other hand, note that includes glass and ceramic screen side buttons lock / power and volume, which are perfectly located, making them both very accessible. As always bothering me is the presence of stenos navigation within the screen itself , especially considering that the lower part of the Nexus is pretty wide. Anyway, you have to emphasize that its dimensions are more than adequate, so it is easy to take and use.

In fact, their relationship is sublime size-weight and as it weighs 9 grams less than the Nexus 4 and, though a large terminal (that is 4 millimeters taller than its predecessor), it feels very light. Come on, roughly, Google and LG have made ​​as a terminal CERAR glad to have on hand for its size, weight and feel.


We talk about the display, one of the aspects that the Nexus 5 ha significantly improved over the previous version. First of all, note that we find a screen of 4.95 inches with a resolution Full HD (1.920×1.080p) , resulting in a total of 445 pixels per inch. The previous Nexus featuring a 4.7-inch display with HD resolution (1.080x720p) and a density of 317ppp.

And beyond the presence of high definition, which is one of the new star of this device, I must also emphasize that the display performance is sublime, and showing great quality, incredible sharpness and a faithful colors to reality (although the black is somewhat superficial, but the rest are very successful). On the other hand, has a very powerful glow while the rays of the sun allows good visualization of the contents, it also removes intensity to the colors themselves.

We can say that the screen is at the height of the large terminals of the year, as it provides a great definition especially when viewing content , although it is true that some users have complained about the presence of dead pixels or off. Anyway, the quality is more than evident.

Performance and power

Obviously, with 2 GB of RAM and a quad core processor at 2.26 GHz , the fact is that the performance of this phone is amazing. It offers very fast and smooth transitions from the menu and applications open at nearly the speed of light.

In this regard, I must also emphasize that runs exceptionally games. In fact, I tried again the GT Racing 2 to check the power of this terminal and I can not help but applaud. fluid is displayed at all times even when there are several cars on display. So no objection in this regard. Yes, it should be noted that although not burn to use, just take to warm up.

On the other hand, I must say that this device is available in two different versions in regards to the internal memory, 16 GB and 32 GB. Yes, sadly, will not allow the inclusion of an SD card to enlarge (something that is common among Nexus).


First, it should be noted that the Nexus 5 brings a 1.3 megapixel front camera, in order to use that we can get to give is more than enough. C’mon, give up and comply in any way without highlighting. Furthermore, an integrated 8 megapixel sensor in the rear which primarily stands surprising because of the structure of the back cover.

But beyond the physical details of this camera, you might like it or not, there are other aspects that I must comment. has a simple and effective interface with optical stabilization and the result of the photographs taken is quite good, especially if compared with catches performing his predecessor.

Broadly speaking, it is not a proper camera that excels in any respect and it has major flaws, especially software. If we take a picture, it appears that lets us capture it in a 16:9 ratio, but when we only view it in 4:3. So, to take it in widescreen. we lower the resolution to 2 megapixels! that’s something we can work with any camera app you download from the Google Play us, but it’s a nuisance.

Moreover, in their favor must say that takes acceptable pictures in low light and good images in the HDR mode. And as for the video, the quality is good, also the fluidity and focuses fast. therefore can say it is a camera for intermediate users looking to immortalize moments unintentionally make a commercial.


Obviously, one of the great innovations of this Nexus 5 is the presence of the new Android operating system, version 4.4 Kit Kat. This time, integrating some Google applications, so you can not say it’s a pure Android and hard . As is logical, is the closest thing, but it has nothing to do with the Nexus that made ​​the past.

To all this, this new operating system integrates some interesting developments, among which the search function using a voice command responsive to the words “OK Google,” a much faster multitasking and the ability to print files via Wireless, among others.