Find out what are the specific problems that prevent the Nexus 5 is the perfect mobile we all want.

The launch of the Nexus 5 was groundbreaking, selling a huge amount of units as soon as was available in the online store of Google. I spent several days and with many happy tinkering with mobile users begin to appear the first hit, people whom not happy with some sections. Not to worry, to clarify that they are not serious things : simply improvable points, but you should know if you’re considering buying mobile. To this:
What is it really like that?:

1 – White something yellow:

Let’s see, the Nexus 5 White may seem normal while watching the terminal, but when you compare his various competition (like his brother LG G2) you realize that white is not entirely “pure”, being a white sepia, beige . There is something serious, and some users prefer it this way. And it seems that not everyone has the same warmth on screen : some are more neutral screen, others warmer, is changing. Some recommend using the early days with the maximum brightness, which could (in rare cases) to solve the problem.


2 – Speaker very fair:

The Nexus speaker 5 meets, although not suitable for audio connoisseurs. You may notice a slight distortion at high volumes, and the volume cap is somewhat low . We did not expect the quality of HTC stereo speakers One (these are mono), but some put them below the Nexus 4.

3 – It takes in focus:

If it is a minor problem for a camera that gives very good results, but it is. Take quick photos is not possible with the Nexus 5 for the time the camera application is taken to focus . ‘s Hoping it’s a software problem and is solved with future updates, although we must wait. To this must be added manufacturing problems seen in any mobile phone in recent years: light leakage, dead pixels, buttons that make noise.

Still a great phone

Before concluding, we clarify that this is not to roll back the purchase of a Nexus 5, which is an excellent terminal. Mobile is a very fast and smooth, it feels comfortable and light in the hand and with a very good camera for its price.