Cognicor Technologies has developed a new platform, based on artificial intelligence, for the resolution of complaints and customer service.

Our society is undergoing major technological advances from the research and creation of new software. The virtual journalism is now a reality thanks to companies like Narrative Science, who endow the Artificial Intelligence simply writing skills. Now, the Customer also can be developed entirely by intelligent machines.

CogniSettle, software Customer

CogniSettle is a platform developed by Cognicor Technologies, through which you can process all complaints and claims of customers of a business. This platform, based on Artificial Intelligence, aims to answer and solution to all communications received in Customer Service, in a satisfactory manner and in the shortest period of time possible.

This software is based on data, guidelines and protocols establishing a company in reference to the relationship with their customers. CogniSettle is mainly focused on large service companies, such as insurance companies, airlines and telecommunications, which are the most incidents recorded in their Customer Centers.


Cognicor Technologies, a spin-off success

In Spain, we are also working on improving the AI. The National Research Council, the largest public research body in Spain, supports various initiatives related to this field. One such project is Cognicor Technologies, a spin-off linked to the Institute of Artificial Intelligence Research belonging to the CSIC, working since 2011 on various projects related to the development of artificial intelligence. Despite his short career, has a prize Wayra 2012 and selected as finalists in the Venture Cup Startup Competition 2012 in Denmark. In addition to support from its parent, investor backed Telefonica and IBM.

Customer Service 3.0

The evolution in the customer suffers, with these new tools, a new update. Previously, he had spent the personal treatment or treatment by phone or via web mail, updating media. Now comes this new update where what varies is the service provider, thus opening a new operation in the field Customer S. XXI.

Gone are pioneering projects as Anna, Ikea virtual girl, who from their website and informed us solve some doubts. Artificial Intelligence is advancing by leaps and bounds and soon play tasks that today people are still doing. Therefore, these initiatives are considerable criticism and suspicion in society. Man still seems reluctant to remove a machine will work, which, moreover already been happening for decades.