The improvement of LED lights to be activated by means of a program of support. Serves as the destination, an adaptive front lighting system.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has launched a support program in February 2013 for a joint project of several companies launched, working on the improvement and development of security features for LED led lamp. The project, which up to 31 January 2016 is running, the development of an adaptive front lighting system (AFS) for motor vehicles, which will significantly increase the safety of drivers and passengers by innovative features.

LED bulbs

The project is coordinated by the company are among the forerunners in the development of LED led lamp systems for the automotive industry. The know-how about connecting technology and material questions contributed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Micro Integration (IZM). The Institute is responsible as a competent contact person for questions around the topic of LED drivers and automotive electronics. Other project partners are developing the headlights and the optical system with the later construction of the prototype is appointed. The trial tests the vehicles are taken over by Daimler.


Intelligent LED Systems

The focus of the project is fully electronic improvements in lighting technology that will improve the safety of vehicles through automated functions. Among other things, the project participants are working on solutions for glare-free high and low beam, whose range is determined by the driving speed: The faster a vehicle is traveling, the greater the range of the headlight. The development of wider cone of light is intended for city traffic, which can detect, for example, sidewalks or the edges of the road.

Operation of LED systems

The electrical characteristics of an LED (English: light-emitting diode) correspond to those of conventional diodes. LEDs differ mainly in the semiconductor material used. Usually this special gallium used for LEDs. The particular material of the semiconductor, causing the LED emits light when electric current flows through it. Prerequisite for making desired operation of an LED is the LED driver that supplies the LED power evenly and provides for optimum configuration for an average life of approximately 50,000 hours.

In case of faulty adjustment of the driver, the lifetime of the LED can be cut in half due to heat generation. In this case, the diode flickers or goes out completely at worst. Thus, an LED can light under optimum operating conditions, high-quality components as possible should be used:

LED Converter: The LED driver and LED converter provides smooth power delivery of the diode and protects ideally against overload, over temperature and short circuit
LED power supply: power source and voltage supplier for LED lights, ideally with protection functions against overload, over voltage and short-circuits
LED Transformer: The LED transformers are designed to meet the special requirements of LEDs and smooth in contrast to conventional transformers, the DC voltage through a built-in electronics – by power surges and spikes can be avoided