The Redmond firm seek to enter the market for dressing device technology. His patents related to the kind of gadgets, including those that are mounted in the head, number 78.

Microsoft does not want to lose sight of the emerging market of devices to wear, which is being promoted by Google by Google Glass, although there is substantial evidence that users want to bet on the apparatus. An eventual invasion of privacy is one of the reasons.

Signs that the Redmond-based company holds interest in the gadgets in question are different. So, bracelets are able to detect the amount of exercise a person does, watches bracelets that incorporate functionalities of smartphones and even tattoos that connect human beings-equipped computing devices from the daily WSJ.

That market has not yet been tested. The truth is that the annual sales-device for dressing amount to 485 million units in 2018. At least, that’s according to the projection of ABI Research, a market research firm.


So the company founded by Bill Gates is not willing to sit idly by. A source privy to the plans of the technological told the WSJ that “Microsoft is determined to lead the hardware manufacture to ensure you will not miss the opportunities device market to dress.”

Indeed, others consulted by the same means revealed that this signature is testing prototypes of glasses connected to the Internet, which are similar to Google lenses.

Therefore, their efforts to develop a gadget to rival against Google Glass show that Redmond does not want to settle just for making software, it also aims to produce devices running different programs.

According to the article published by the daily said, the company, said another person briefed, “asked cameras and other key parts for prototypes of glasses several component manufacturers in Asia”, but warned “the device may never come to be mass produced.


By October 10 of this year, Microsoft reported 78 U.S. patents technologies related to dress, including head-mounted display. Figure behind Google, which has 59 such patents, and Apple, which has 27. The data were updated by Envision.


From a technology portal specializing in Alt1040 consider possible future compatibility Redmond glasses with Xbox would be pretty interesting. Such integration could be used to play certain types of securities. Also “could show game information in front of our eyes, without having to navigate through menus”, he adds.