The team of the Pan American University campus Aguascalientes won first place in the category of manipulation and fourth in the overall standings in the league rescue robots, this, in the tournament RoboCup 2016 held in Leipzig, Germany, with the PLC. In this regard, Ramiro Guerrero, researcher at the Faculty of Engineering of the institution professor, said RoboCup is currently the most prestigious competition in the world of robotics and involves teams from countries like Germany, Austria, China, States, Greece, Iran, Japan and Thailand, to name a few.

RoboCup 2016

In particular we in rescue robot league, the league intends to design SUV, compact robots, lightweight but strong, they are able to enter rough terrain simulating disasters, hence the name of this robot rescue, and the end is to find victims who may be trapped in the rubble he added. He said that for four years participating in that category, and in three consecutive years have won first place in handling with SUV weighing approximately 80 kilograms robot.

What is assessed in competition are the driving capabilities of locomotion robot, for example, you can go on rough terrain, rocks or on steep slopes over 45 degrees, which is a challenge, even for humans, then locomotion capabilities qualify. Competition in particular is a track where there are rocks, slopes, holes, etc and is about to complete this test, we were the only team that could do it he said.

It has sensors to identify carbon dioxide and deduce whether a person is still breathing; video cameras have night vision; also has thermal camera, which provides a mapping image temperature, body temperature is unmistakable, from 36 to 37 degrees, it is easy to distinguish a person trapped in the rubble of other objects. Also it features ultrasonic sensors to be sailing in standalone mode, if a person is not manipulating, so the robot can know if there is an obstacle in front or close to, and take the right decision to go.

Through the years we have been improving what we have seen in previous competitions, but part of a design, part of the mind, that is, if you have an idea start to draw, to start the design, everything has to pull in your design on the computer virtually once you’re all that, and then pass to reality.