The market of light motorcycles and light motor scooter is heterogeneous. With respect to European and Asian suppliers but there are significant differences.

In comparison, the sales figures for light motorcycles and scooters falls in the month of March on one thing. The market is substantially heterogeneous in terms of the manufacturer. During the next leader Yamaha second and third placed Honda and KTM suffered losses, the market shares of followers increased considerably in places. The situation is much more dramatic in the light motor scooters. You lost the top 3 in sales, while the market share remained largely consistent. Honda, Piaggio and Kymco sold all of them about 30% less light motor scooters, while the total sales of scooters has fallen by 40% over the previous year.

Comparison of the 2012 and 2013 sales figures

According Within a year could study the Motorcycle Industry Association Germany eV only Yamaha in the top three market share expand (market share increase of 6%). The direct followers of Honda (-4%) and KTM (-4.5%), however, had suffered significant losses in market shares.

The most noticeable jumps in sales, however, did Kreidler Europe, Qingqi and SYM. Although the sales figures are still low in relation to the top 3, but all manufacturers have been able to double the sales of light motor scooters within a year at least. In the case of Qingqi even a sales increase of nearly 490% was achieved. This represents a market share of 2.33% in the month of March is now the year 2013.


In the light motor scooters, the effects of the cold winter seem to be much more severe. Only 2,964 scooters have been sold in Germany. Last year there were nearly 5,000. Clear winner but there are also to be recognized here. Suzuki (+118% compared to 20012), Taiwan Golden Bee (+212%), LML (+120%) and Aeon Motor (+300%) experienced significant growth in the market. But at the cost of long-established tradition houses. The sales of Aprilia fell by 60%, the. Around 32% of Peugeot and Yamaha by almost 50%.

Reasons and Causes

Why the sales figures of some providers have so fallen sharply, while other significant increases were recorded, according to the polls is primarily on price and mostly easy to use. Both points again and again in the relevant forums scooters are addressed. Videos and assembly instructions are increasingly concerned with the newer models, since the market is not yet saturated. Who wants to stand out, so apparently no longer accesses the well known brands of scooter manufacturer, but to offer cheaper prices from China, or to the high-quality producers from Europe. After all, the well-known group from Europe has doubled its sales last year.

Obtain preliminary information

Also clear is the ext-axle customer satisfaction on some models in the scooter diversity in the German market. Especially against the Chinese imports can be found in the forums a negative attitude. Although these models are priced cheap, but seem to confirm also places the prejudice of poor quality. It is therefore advisable to think carefully beforehand about a purchase and deal in detail with the individual manufacturers. After all, should be taken with two wheels on a good quality and road worthiness straight.