In recent years, respecting the environment and for the benefit of the health of the planet and the people themselves, have developed various alternative energy systems that take advantage of phenomena or natural substances in our planet, among them the energy derived from sunlight, the energy that comes from the wind (wind), and finally the marine energy. In Italy the sea areas are numerous as the country is surrounded by sea, the earth itself is covered by 75% water, so that both the seas that the oceans can be exploited to produce energy. The energy originating from the sea exploitable, is more types: That of the tides, that generated by currents and waves, that due to its salinity, and finally, that due to thermal differences that occur within the waters. In this guide we will see what are the plants that exploit marine energy, existing and developing, and if present in Italy.


The energy from the sea is exploited by several centuries, in some countries of the world, we find efficient power plants in France (tidal or wave power), which, as the name suggests, take advantage of the movement of the sea as a driving force, defined by means of tidal mills. In France since 1966 has been activated the first center in the world structured in this way, by exploiting the gap that is created between the low and high tide. The plant in question is located across the English Channel and bar across a large dam the flow of water, there is a large containment basin which is filled thanks to the exploitation of the high tide. The French central has a capacity of approximately 240 MW. Other examples of plants of this type are found in Canada, China, Russia and South Korea .

In Italy there are several hydroelectric plants that use water and its “fall” generating energy electricity, but for what concerns the tidal power stations , it must be said that this system of exploitation of energy, requires the presence of tides of a certain entities that in some parts of the planet can reach 20 meters in height. In Italy such significant tides, are not present, for which reason, at the moment, this energy is not applied.

If we think of the central trigonometrical of Saint Malo (pictured above), able to exploit tides of about 13 meters, able to make about 18,000 cubic meters of water in the basin and to develop approximately 3% of the useful energy for whole of Britain, we understand the importance and usefulness of such exploitation of energy Climatic variations in the planet and changing tides could one day make it possible even in Italy the installation of such power plants .