The batteries of lithium-ion batteries provide electronics and hybrid vehicles more power in a smaller size. These lifepo batteries are light in weight and eco-friendly. The batteries lithium ion batteries also last longer than batteries conventional. Recent advances in research and development have also provided a ray of hope for electric cars long distance.


Currently there are two types of battery Lithium: lithium-ion. The batteries are lithium pure lithium metal, while the batteries are lithium ion compound. The batteries are not rechargeable battery, while the battery lithium ion are. Both types are typically used in electronics. The batteries are not rechargeable lithium cell in standard sizes such as AA, AAA, C and D, but not lithium ion, due to concerns that people confuse chargers for batteries nickel cadmium as interchangeable with lithium ion.

lifepo batteries

They last longer

Both batteries and lithium-ion batteries last longer than other batteries . In the case of batteries non rechargeable lithium can be years. The batteries are rechargeable batteries for years and have enough load to keep a video camera on for an entire event time.



The batteries of lithium-ion batteries weigh less than their NiCad counterparts. They may also be more compact than these.

Environmentally friendly

The batteries and lithium ion batteries are more environmentally friendly than other batteries . The materials used to create the batteries do not pose a threat to the environment.

High voltage

The batteries of lithium-ion batteries have a higher voltage than the battery standard. This means that a smaller number of cells, and is required batteries in general, to provide the same amount of energy compared with other batteries .

Better batteries for electric cars

Scientists at the University of Waterloo have created a new lithium battery lithium combines with sulfur and nanotechnology. This new battery could power electric cars three times longer than current batteries lithium ion. The technology could be available in five to ten years.


The batteries and lithium ion batteries are highly recyclable. Since lithium is extracted from the brine, they would not sell out to make the new batteries .