When launched in the South Korean market in October last year, critics said it would not reach other markets. However, a few months after its launch was announced in the U.S. and now has come to Europe.

The LG G Flex belongs to the South Korean firm LG has been described as a cell exceptional. First is that the curved sole motive of the market and, secondly, because it has ushered in a new generation of smartphones is mainly about not being hard and non-deformable but flexible without losing strength or durability.

When it made its launch, the creator expected cell “break the market”, but given the peculiar characteristics of the movable, not many predicted a bright future for the device. A few months later and against all odds, announced its introduction in the U.S. and has just been introduced in Spain.


The introduction of the LG G Flex in Europe demonstrates our confidence in the global smartphone market bent. As a premium smartphone, the G Flex strengthen LG’s position as a brand that offers something unique for each consumer segment. This is a device that will provoke conversations wherever you go, “said Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG.

Making a difference

Apart from the shape of the cell, allowing it to adapt better to the appearance of the user’s face, the G Flex supports up to 45 kg in weight. If you put a heavy object on top of it, will become completely flat, but once removed the weight will again have its curvature.

According to the website technology ABC creators had to apply the flexible feature of all components of the cell, “which carries a significant added technical complexity,” he explains. Moreover, the screen is not plastic but glass OLED, the same material used in televisions curves LG.

Another important feature of this unique phone is having the ability to auto regenerate, if the display casing or suffer a scratch, you will see that the scratch disappears in minutes. Briefly, a cell that stays like new for much longer. The cell has come to Spain with Vodafone Company and its price is 799 euros. It is expected to hit Peru in March this year.