Electronic servants who do all the chores are not fiction. Thanks to the latest robot technology could provide household robots in the near future.

Small robots for tasks lightest there is today. Much more than the bottom suck or they can clean a pool but not yet. Industrial robots are there already more precise, however, are still relatively dumb. To be a real service force, a complicated robot needs skills. Which they are and how to implement them, just explore German and Japanese scientists at the TU Munich.

Important functions of service robots

The Institute ” Cognition for Technical Systems “of the Technical University of Munich is developing the latest technology in terms of service robots. In collaboration with Japanese researchers and other institutions they try to figure out what needs a robot for home help and how to implement these skills. The most important thing for a robot is really a help to have different sensory and cognitive abilities. The robot must not only play its rigid programming. He has to adapt to its environment, to respond flexibly to situations and to cope with new furniture and appliances. Must see to achieve this, the robot feel and its programs can adapt to new situations.


Can see the current robot already outstanding. Precise scan their environment, save them as 3D images from and they even recognize previously saved objects again. Cover a table or cook light meals succeeds the new robots already. Also, the feeling can be simulated already today. With pressure and touch sensitive infrared sensors can be simulated. In cognitive abilities it currently falls short unfortunately. Although current robots can already learn a lot, in case of unforeseen situations but they are mostly clueless. Before this problem is not resolved, service robots are often still dependent on human assistance. The development of learning skills but falls apace.

Technology for the Future

Meanwhile, the robots get closer to the people in behavior, skills, and also in appearance. Due to the constantly advancing technology household robots could soon become a reality. Useful if they were sure. Finally, there are enough people need such a home help or just want to make it. For old or sick people service robots would be a great help.

Before they are ready for the market, however, could still take a few years. Although the technology is rudimentary, but by no means mature. Especially the cognitive abilities are just beginning development. The techniques should be marketable, the price for service robots play a large role. What will it cost such, you can be virtually impossible to estimate. The price for one of the first but certainly would be in the 6 digit range. It will therefore take several years to decades before household robot market-ready and affordable.