If there is, a well-nourished market is the mobile. Would we know how to choose one that meets all our needs without being too high? The answer is offered by the mobile rate comparative from which we point out five points that we must review carefully.

Keys to choose a smartphone

Possibly this first point is the most obvious, since it is still a choice based on the price. In the market, we can find a very wide range of costs that are divided into three large groups: high, medium and low range. In addition, we can find mobiles that are categorized in intermediate levels thanks to low prices, but great benefits, or vice versa. Knowing our budget, we can eliminate several candidates.

 Aesthetic yes but also comfort

It is clear how much we can spend on our new terminal the next step that is usually given is to compare by the design of the phone. Here each brand has its own seal from using certain materials, to having more or less rounded finishes. As all these aspects are very subjective, we will not stand out from each other. However, it is important not to forget that the best smartphone we can get is one that we are comfortable to use. In short, it is ergonomic since it is useless to spend a lot of money on the fashion phone if we cannot get it right. For this, it is always advisable to approach a store and test them on the spot.

Memory for everything

Once seen the wrapping it is the turn to pay attention to the specifications of the terminal. Here the list is long, but there are a couple that we would appreciate if they are the best possible, especially if we are those who do not want to change phones before two years. Therefore, for example, you should not lose sight of the memory, which is divided into RAM and storage (ROM).

When manufacturers talk about RAM memory, they refer to the ability of the phone to run applications and processes own phone: the more memory, the more capacity the mobile will have and thus the faster it will be. Thus, today it is advisable to acquire phones with not less than 2 GB of RAM.

Battery to keep up your pace

The arrival of mobile phones with internet access has changed the way we communicate. However, the number of notifications that arrive at the end of the day, as well as the use of certain mobile applications, has left us with smartphones that cannot last a whole day. Therefore, the other point that will determine if our new mobile is more or less powerful is the capacity of the battery. As with other specifications, the capacity of the battery goes very close to the range in which we move. Even so, we should not settle for less than 2,000 mAh if we want to resist the working day.

Camera to match

Close the review of a feature that has taken a lot of weight in recent years: the integrated camera. Each brand uses a lens, so there is a real difference between the pictures taken by some mobiles or others. Once again, the budget will greatly influence this element to be of better quality.

Despite this, we can look at some aspects to find the best possible camera without changing our budget. Specifically, we must be clear that the pixels are not everything and not by a greater amount, the shots will be better. However, taking into account the size of the sensor and aperture of the diaphragm can substantially improve the photographs we take from our future phone.