The Finnish has been developing a smartphone with Android operating system, although plans Microsoft to acquire the mobile phone division of the company. According to sources, ‘Normandy’ is a “flat out” terminal.

‘Normandy’ is the name in the code functional phone with Android that has been developing Nokia in recent months. According to both sources have revealed plans of Finnish, the device integrates software Google is already well advanced and could even go on sale in 2014.

The phone would have been designed to join the online terminal low-end technology company. In other words, I’d intended to ‘give continuity’ to Asha devices. But things are not as simple as they seem, if one takes into account the plans of Microsoft acquiring the handset division of the multinational referred.

After Finnish shareholders to agree, the regulatory authorities of the European Union and the United States approved the purchase of the Nokia cell division to the Redmond-based company. So sometime in the next quarter the transfer becomes effective.


So ‘Normandy’ will finally see the light?, Does your launch will take place before the end of the agreement with Microsoft?, Or even more curious? Redmond continue with plans for the device despite Windows Phone ? Although nothing is yet said, the portal The Verge noted that the sale of the smartphone with Android OS happen beginning of another year.

An image of the terminal was already posted by @ evleaks account and shows a device with no physical Lumia style front buttons, but capacitive, and the characteristic of the central icon, correspond to a mobile Asha. Therefore, you have no objection, reach emerging markets.

From The Verge clarify that ‘Normandy’ would have a special variant of Android that would not be aligned with their own version that Google offers. In the picture a device which is compatible with Android applications like Skype, among others shown.

The modified use of Android is “similar to what Amazon does with the Kindle […] According to insiders, Normandy is a (terminal) all cylinders”, added from said agencies specializing in technology.

In conclusion, the phone would work with a customized version of Android. So it would all like with green Google robot, but keep compatibility with certain applications. Precisely, this detail would allow Nokia to have absolute control over the operating system. Yet the future of ‘Normandy’ not guaranteed.