MILAN – has long been talk of a new iPhone: plastic was said and also very cheap. Vera the first but the second not so. According to JP Morgan would actually a new device of Apple coming but the price, according to speculation, would be $ 300. Not low-cost but then in the price range so-called Mid-End and a half. The reason we’ll talk later, before we look at this new creature.

PLASTIC ROUNDED – By rumor in the rumor have sprung up even a photo published by the manufacturer of accessories Tactus and a rendering created by designer Martin Hajek, known to have already drawn very realistic images of the iPhone 5 and ‘ iPad Mini well before Apple officially submit them. From what we can see the back shell glass is replaced by the plastic while the shape would be softer and smoother. It almost seems to be in the presence of an iPod touch or a slightly more squared 3GS, a choice of design, but not so much dictated by the lower cost of production. CHIP A4 – E Trade Supply, a supplier of components had already been anticipated success with the ‘ arrival of the iPhone 5 and the BlackBerry Z10, instead leads us to the discovery of the processor. The doubts still persist but the choice may fall more on the A4 already seen on the iPad, iPhone 4, fourth-generation iPod Touch and Apple TV 2 rather than on the more powerful A5 mounted on iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and Mini, iPod touch the third, fifth generation Apple TV.


NOTHING RETINA – The monitor is giving a hard time to our sources that prove to be conflicting and inaccurate. Some say that the iPhone 5 will be smaller and some say that will be the same but there is agreement on the Retina: there will be. Avoiding the ultra definition costs would be slaughtered in fact, a choice view on the iPad Mini. RAIN OF COLOURS – Finally here is the color: red rendering of Hajek no one knows where it came from or maybe yes. The more informed prying see it as a distinguishing factor for the device to average cost. Where the older brothers would remain black or white, the baby would occur with fluorescent colors such as lime green, yellow and fluorescent orange. I sincerely doubt it.

MATTER OF PRICE – Now back on the price. As was to be expect the choice would not be random: Apple knows that price range mid-way between the high-end device (Hi-End) and the U.S. start at $ 499, and the income statement (Low-End) or from $ 249 down. After all, has known how to make the most with its iPad Mini. When he started to sell it at $ 329 criticisms were flocked from everywhere. The users run out of money they would have ignored, said the experts to help them navigate the real Google Nexus 7 or the Amazon Fire, tablets with screen size equal to seven inches, but by far more economical price: $ 249 for the first and 199 for the second. The mini tablet was a huge success and according to the latest data counted for 60% of global sales of iPad for a figure of around 18 million units. He thus revived the Mid-End and is to swear that will create a precedent for other manufacturers.

PSYCHOLOGICAL GAME – After all those $ 300 play on our psychology. Just something more to configure a product as too expensive and if you go down you immediately think of something too cheap. The new phone so would be to strengthen the aggressive conduct of the Apple pointing to regain market share from Android devices (Samsung laws) without devaluing the brand too. The confirmation came just from Apple’s CFO, Peter Oppenheimer, who spoke of the Mini last meeting with investors, said: “We have established an aggressive price and its profit margins are significantly below the company average. However, we firmly believe in the long-term potential of the tablet market, and we think we have taken a big strategic decision. ” That is to say that earn less today means customer loyalty and keep it forever. Or almost.

ALL POSTPONED TO JUNE – To get confirmation you will have to wait at least the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, Apple’s annual meeting June 10 to 14 which has been sold out in just two minutes from the opening of per-sales. During the event you will definitely unveiled the new operating system iOS7, essentially unchanged for two years. Rumors say that the GUI will be minimal and will be abandoned the so-called pain FSMO, or the aesthetic simulation of real objects within the software, such as wrong wood shelves in the library of iOS or the yellow pages striped Notes . It is rarely seen that Jobs was aiming much on this aspect. But times have changed.