Apple has unveiled its 7.9-inch iPad Mini. Next week Microsoft and Amazon submit their news. The digital tablets are updated.

“The size of a 10 inch screen is minimum necessary to create great applications. A smaller one is condemned to death and disappearance, “Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple in 2010.

Tim Cook on Tuesday introduced the 7.9-inch iPad Mini, the fifth version (for 9.7-inch version has been updated) of the Apple tablet in two and half years. The late founder (with Steve Wozniak) software giant had in mind the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch when criticizing the digital tablet size. He himself rejected his company explored that route but competition from Amazon, Google and Samsung Koreans have them ‘forced’ to it.

In this new device the size is the only big news. It’s really a lightweight tablet with only 7.2 mm thick and 308 grams in weight. The programs and applications that work with iPad Mini will do, which also carries the new plug Lightning. It has an A5 chip, as the iPhone 4S, 5 megapixel camera, wifi (a, b, g) and the resolution of the screen has not changed compared to its older brother: 1024 x 768 pixels.


The handset features a dual-core A5 chip that Apple claims offers smoother graphics and allows use of Muti-Touch the screen in a fast and dynamic with a battery that lasts all day. The terminal also has front camera to enable FaceTime HD and a rear 5 megapixel.

Starting next Thursday orders can be made through the Apple website and will be released on 2 November in Spain. Prices are 329 euros for the 16GB model, 429 euros (32 GB) and 529 euros (64 GB). The most demanding must wait two weeks to get the wifi and 4G versions (remember that in Spain are not yet deployed cellular networks fourth generation), whose prices are: 459 euros (16 GB), 559 euros (32 GB) and 659 euros (64 GB).

Even in late October Christmas operation has been launched. Apple dominates the market share in the computer industry with 62 percent of global sales (estimated at about 100 million units), according to Strategy Analytics. The iPad dominance ‘big’ is impaired in younger siblings niche: the Nexus 7 (Asus), Galaxy tab 2 (Samsung) and Kindle Fire (Amazon) dominate this field. But the house of Cupertino has tilted by reports reveal that Japanese and German users will prefer this small (at a lower price, of course).

Competition from Apple is not resting

Next week new tablets presentations shall be borne by the Surface (Microsoft). Kindle Fire HD (Amazon). Just a day before the presentation of the tablet ‘of Surface, and two days after the presentation of the iPad Mini, Amazon released in first in Europe, its tablets in Spain this October 25.

While it is true that the expectation is not comparable to that suffered the ultimate Apple iPad, the new ‘tablet’ Amazon offers high specifications at a very attractive price. In addition, the e-commerce giant user provides a wide and heterogeneous catalog of games, apps and eBooks in Spanish.

This device sales have exceeded expectations in the U.S. and has been recognized that Amazon has been their best selling device to date. It is hoped that this situation will repeat again in Europe, especially in a context where the economy has drastically reduced the cost of each electronic device pocket.

The Kindle Fire version of the second-generation Spanish hits stores is 7 inches, with a size and price below the 8.9-inch model. This new ‘tablet’ high definition, has a 1.2GHz processor and 1GB RAM. For its part, the Kindle Fire HD features a high definition display with a resolution of 1280 by 800 and a front camera HD. Also introduced as a new audio system exclusive Dolby technology and the latest dual-band Wi-Fi, all along with a battery of more than 11 hours.