Fair payment instead of price dumping, honest dealings instead bidding war, social contacts rather than solely at the Billy shelf despair: Smart Jobs are in vogue.

Fair payment instead of fee-dumping, honest dealings instead bidding war, social contacts rather than despair alone on Billy shelf: Who does not have the time, desire or ability to perform smaller private work itself, which is the client with a clear conscience and I can do.

The peopleAG Germany GmbH is a start-up company from Cologne, which since September 2012 provides an online platform for private contractors and private clients can be brought together quickly and efficiently for small favors. Thus creating the people Ag synergies between individuals and optimizes the use of special skills or personal property.

The crucial difference to other online service portals is the philosophy behind the idea as well as the socially responsible approach. In addition, the Smart jobbers are automatically insured. “What’s special is that each job, which is administered by the people AG, There is no minimum number of completed orders, before you can perform decently paid work. Each job is paid immediately so as the client sees fit. There is no dumping and no bidding war, “said Marcus Reiner, 44-year-old founder and CEO of people AG.


Together with a team of specialists, matching smartphone app several small blocks into a unique business model: verifying addresses or objects that help in moving or transporting a Vase from A to B – which were previously required individual portals, there is now the people AG. Here everyone can contribute what he wants to make money. “Who, for example, a car can earn money in the car, transported by something. If you have a camera, can earn money with a camera, by making “an image for another, says the entrepreneur.

In just a few steps Sun from a troublesome task, a micro or smart job for someone who has previously also registered with the so-called smart people AG as jobbers and gladly want to earn some The only hurdle that needs to take a smart jobbers, before executing the first contract, the quality control of the team of people AG. And quality tests are exactly their thing: In 1999, Marcus Reiner, the first mystery shopping company in Germany SHOP CONTROL. For over a decade he has so conducted test purchases and approximately 45,000 mystery shoppers coordinated. This experience he can now feed into the people AG. “We have handpicked all contractors and evaluated. That is, they are all tested and we have spoken personally with each. That can not and will not afford other platforms, “said Marcus Reiner. This is to the quality of the performed jobs and guaranteed to ensure maximum client satisfaction are achieved. Marcus Reiner included in the initial phase with about 1,000 new job orders per month.

After work is finished, the client rated the performance of the work and the smart jobber will be paid the amount of the people AG. The sum thereby determines the client in advance, depending on how much it is worth the task at hand. “The execution of the payment always runs over people AG, never directly on the parties. For one thing, the insurance coverage is guaranteed.