Thom Brown , specialist inks HP globally, explains what demands are changing print market, especially when users want to materialize the images captured by their smartphones .

“I think the impression is happening, but people are using it differently. They want instant things, like going to the phone and see how quickly we get things there. ” Thom Brown , HP ink specialist global sums up the future of an industry that accounts for this firm core business unit: the printers .

In October, the technology firm in Peru launched the fastest desktop printer in the world capable of printing up to 70 pages per minute, with a redesign that allows each channel inkjet make up 35 000 frames per second. And this printer also continues a trend that set the tone for HP: the mobile world .


“Every year we have focused on making sure to make good impressions, which are reliable and consistent, so that it looks like from the first to the last page. And the overall experience. Is it easy or difficult to print? New things in which we are working are out pictures from your cell phone, “explained Brown.

So HP is equipping each of its printing equipment with the function ‘ePrint’. “We are in Peru, and I live in San Diego. My printer at home is connected to the Internet and has its own e-mail, I can rename it as you want. I call it “home printer”. If I send an e-mail, print any document or mailing the same, “said the expert.

Informal Refill

HP is aware that there is a large market for cartridge refilling inkjet printers, so Brown says the next step for the company is to offer more affordable cartridges for each market. But he warned that within each repository’s inkjet technology, design and economy.

“We know that the complaint is that inkjet cost much. But the truth is that there is so much technology here, and you’re paying by the head design, ink formula and all the effort put there. The cost, in fact, as with the Office jet Pro, can be half the laser, “he said.

“There are several things associated with this cartridge. Yes, the cartridge is empty now. The head triggered trillion ink drops. There are also seals in and these pads that help regulate how much ink is used, filters and all kinds of things. And even if you reload with high quality ink HP, would not work as a new cartridge, “he concluded.