Have you bought a security gadget for safety of your home or work place but don’t have idea about its fixing and power supply? Well, here you will get some solutions. First of all, you have to choose your cable through which you will provide power supply to Security Camera System.

What Choices You Have To Provide Power Supply To Your Security Camera System?

There are two main options with which you can fix your digital video recorders and security camera System. Either you can use RG59 cable or Plug and Play cable. Both cables syndicate a cable for power and for video.

Out of these two cables, the Plug and Play is very easy to use and install because the Power, Audio and Video connectors are pre-attached. The only thing you have to decide is that what length of cable you actually required. For example, a cable of 65 ft., 100ft. or more. This is the best option for the wiring in homes security cameras because it does not require more than 100 ft. of cable for power supply to network security camera system. If you would like to know various kinds of camera system, you could choose remote visual inspection.

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On the other hand, RG59 cable is heavily protected so it is more durable for longer distances say, up to 1000 ft. This quality of the wire makes it less vulnerable to interference. To fix RG59 you have to purchase a roll of 500 or 1000 ft. to cover long distance area and need to cut the exact length. As you need to cut its length for adjustment you have to attach the connector on both sides which is a long and time taking process.

Know More About Plug And Play Cable

Plug and play cable is one of the easiest method to connect your camera. The ends in such cables are pre-made and making a mistake in connecting it with the DVR cameras is minimal. It is one of the quickest cable solutions. However, in some cases RG59 cable is more preferred especially when you want to setup high range infrared cameras. The thin gauge of the plug and play cable is not suitable for high range cameras that requires more power.

If you are installing security camera that does not require much power consumption, you can use the BNC plug and play cable. These are available in different lengths. Its very easy to connect to your DVR. Connect the male BNC connector to the female input BNC input on the DVR. When you are done with this, locate the other end and attach it with the security camera. After this all you need to do is setup the power cable and connect it for your security cameras. For brief information about industrial inspection camera, you could choose pan tilt inspection camera.

RG59 Cable

It is a highly protected cable having both power cable and video (COAX) in one jacket. If you want to fix a camera with PTZ (that need a data cable connection) or audio you will require a special type of RG59 that have extra data wire in the same jacket.

RG59 Cable

Steps To Fix RG59 Cable For Power Supply

  • Use a doffing tool to strip the protective layer of the cable from the COAX part.
  • Be Alert while twisting the BNC connector, make sure that the strands of copper wire are not touching the middle conductor wire because this can damage the device.
  • Spiral the BNC connector on the wire until it get warm. Now repeat the step 2-3 times for the coax cable, camera end and as well as for DVR end.
  • Cut the wire after leaving a space of 6 to 10 inches from the connector and strip it back in order to expose the while and black wires.
  • Now using wire bolts connect white portion to red wire of RG59 conductor and black portion to the black wire of conductor.

After following these steps you can easily fix your security camera system at your place using the appropriate cable.

Thermal Security Cameras

Thermal Security Cameras – Extensively Used For Commercial Security

In a very short span of time, thermal security cameras have gained outstanding popularity among users. The industries where these cameras are mainly used include mechanical applications, electrical applications, medical field, maritime, research, firefighting, development and process control. Apart of these fields, surveillance and security is the biggest field for HD imaging systems. These systems have proved to be highly effectively in these industries. So, where ever you seek high standard security, this system is worth for that. By bringing advancement in this technology, many companies have found it a perfect surveillance solution for them.

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Commercial Security For Varied Purposes

For commercial purpose, these high definition cameras are a valuable asset. It is used for several purposes like fire control, search, rescue, law enforcement, mobile surveillance, marine security, event management and many other security elements. It enhances the affectivity of a security network in highly perfect manner. To do this job, it imparts power to check threats which you cannot somehow see by your own eyes.

Technology Behind Thermal Security Cameras

To create images, the camera uses heat over an object. This energy of the heat remains active for a whole day long. Through, a thermal technology, you can get high standard images. Unlike normal cameras that generally people use utilizes reflected lights for generating various images. And thus, when there is no light around, it does not work or capture images. In contrary to ordinary cameras, thermal security cameras are capable to capture images without an illuminator or lights at night. In modern era, several companies use them for attractive display of their company’s products in broad and open place.

Activities You Can Control With Thermal Cameras

Any activity which you think is suspicious and you want to keep a track of it, can be focused with thermal imaging solution. It is easy to operate. You do not require any kind of artificial lights when using these cameras. This is a great solution that saves money and at the same time, it give quality security to a company. Apart from it, this device is consisted of a heat sensing feature that provides benefit of fire management. The thermal technique is capable to alarm users for fire danger in a short time period. It keeps on working day and night. It can detect that a person is present at a place where there is no light.

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