The digital photo frame is simply a digital version of a traditional frame . It is a creative way to show friends and family photos of a holiday, a birthday or an important event in a relatively small space. Photos and albums can be easily replaced by this device, which offers a wide range of images in continuous rotation . The digital photo frames are available in a variety of sizes and colors such as to allow customization of the device according to your personal tastes. Very probably the thing that all of you ask is this: how it works and how to use a digital picture frame?

The frame display photos on a digital LCD screen. There are many resolutions available on the market. In general, the cheapest digital picture frames have low resolution and poor image quality. Look for a resolution of at least 640×480 pixels. With the quality of images available on the newer rooms, users may want to watch high-resolution images, including some that offer a level of resolution in HD ( High Definition ).


Such devices rarely have an internal memory, or if available, is not sufficient to display more than a couple of images. Very often they are able to display images from a memory card inserted into the slot. Most of the cards are SD and Compact. Some also support Sony Memory Stick and Olympus / Fuji XD. Using a card reader is the easiest way to transfer photos from a computer to a mass storage device and start playback of images.

Many digital wallets offer many different options , such as remote controls, different modes of transition between one image and another, and some digital picture frames have also integrated WiFi and Internet browser, allowing you to upload or download pictures from the card memory to websites such as Flickr or organize your photos into different folders, to make it easier to view specific groups of photos. So a good rule is to regulate the speed of the slide show using the buttons on the side of the digital picture frame or remote control A Sometimes the speed that is selected by the manufacturer is too fast, then you may want to slow it down a bit. Adjust the volume of the music using the remote control or the buttons on the photo frame. This can be especially nice if you are showing a video, because you can adjust the sound and effects.