With the price of fuel constantly rising and concerns over global warming growing , solar energy is becoming a viable alternative to oil and coal as a source of heat. You’ve probably seen solar panels on large buildings for offices, but the trend is spreading even in areas residential. just in fact place a couple of panels on the roof in order to significantly reduce the electricity bill electricity. The initial cost for this procedure is very low at this time because of government incentives. If you are proficient with the do-it-yourself, you can further reduce the cost of solar energy with the installation of the panels independently. They can indeed be mounted in a simple way with a proper instrumentation and low cost, with a limited expenditure in terms of time . In this guide I will explain therefore how to rent the roof to install solar panels .

We must first select an optimal point for your solar panel . The south portion of your roof is a typical choice, if you want to find a place that receives the most sunlight at noon. Make sure that your roof is strong enough to support the weight of the solar panels . Before you start work, you must obtain a building permit from your local authority. determine how much you need to tilt the panel, depending on your latitude and add that amount to the value of 15 degrees, if it is winter or subtract 15, if it’s summer. For a better optimization, multiply your latitude by 0.9 and add 30 degrees in the winter, subtract 2.5 from your latitude in spring and autumn, and subtract 52.5 from your corner of winter in summer.


Drill the holes in the beams on your roof, in the exact location where you intend to mount the panel. They must be about four meters distance from each other, instead the length depends on the number of panels to be installed. Practiced with care this work, there will need accuracy and patience. Attach the guides of solar panels in the holes you just created and used bolts to secure them.

Attach the solar panels to the metal rails Each brand of solar panels has a different mounting system, but they are all designed to be easy to assemble. Usually, a piece slides into the rail without any problem or obstacle Make sure that the solar panel is at least six inches from the roof so that sufficient ventilation and operates at full efficiency Finally you will not have to do is connect the panel to the inverter If you are not a qualified electrician, hire a professional to do this .