Since ancient times man has exploited the resources that the surrounding environment offered him, from the sun to the water passing through the air. For its activity has failed to live thanks to natural resources for many centuries. With the passage of time and the advance of technology, these energies have been replaced by new materials more expensive and polluting, but at the same time more efficient. In recent years, fortunately, it is back to talk about renewable energy. We discover that harnesses the power of the wind, wind energy. The wind is the displacement of air masses from a high pressure zone to a low pressure. The energy produced by the wind shift is defined, which is identified with the kinetic energy. There are many ways to exploit a resource so great and undervalued, let’s see some.


We think the importance of the wind: it is fundamental in nature. Is exploited by the birds to fly, from plants for pollination and, together with the sea currents, is responsible for the movement and shape of the waves. The relationship between wind speed and wave gives rise to different types of the latter, from small ripples, to swell, up to the waves. Still navigation is independent from the wind and its speed in knots. The most profitable use of wind force , however, remains the production of energy.

The first tool built to harness the wind, thus creating wind energy is the windmill, which is still used in many countries, such as in the Netherlands and Belgium, but also in Germany and North America that holds the distinction of production. This instrument, through a system of blades in motion, produces electricity via a generator. From this way of exploiting the wind has passed over time to structures increasingly larger and more efficient, such as the wind power plant. It is formed by a series of turbines wind turbines such that, as the mills, they create an electromagnetic field. The disadvantage of this system, however, is that about 40% of the energy produced by the wind is used to operate the turbine, while the remaining 60% is transformed into electricity.

The production of clean energy through the harnessing of wind would bring an incredible array of benefits that maybe we do not realize has been shown that the energy needs of the world could be largely satisfied through the installation on the planet than 4 million turbines, which would produce 7.5 tare watts, corresponding to half the energy produced on Earth. The economic side it would therefore be highly biased, whereas a watt of energy produced by the wind costs about 1.5 euro against the 5 watts for a product normally.

Probably, however, the true benefits of wind power have yet to be discovered and patented. In Germany, for example, was built a car that can harness the wind that traveled with excellent results for 5000 kms! Despite the exploitation of the winds has its pros and cons, there is no doubt that it is a great opportunity to produce something useful and non-polluting at the same time. If you want to progress as a civilization, beyond all the practical advantages that this would need to continue on this path. The wind, together with the other items we offer Mother Nature could be, in a not-too-distant future, our salvation.