Many people are always asked if a lightning strike could be exploited as a source of energy. The answer is yes, because lightning is a form of renewable energy . Taking advantage of a lightning strike does not harm the environment and is a practical and efficient way to accumulate electricity and also safe. So here’s how to derive energy from lightning. To capture the lightning and get power, there are some important factors to keep in mind especially related to the costs of construction of a plant can make us achieve the intended purpose. The amount of energy that is able to accumulate can be considered a complement to an existing system, whether it be electric generated by photovoltaic panels .

The lightning may not be able to completely replace traditional fuels, but it could be a source cheaper and safer for the environment. The acquisition of a thunderbolt therefore requires a series of lightning rods and a large water source in order to convert the energy generated by the contact of the latter with a lightning bolt. L ‘idea is thus to realize maybe in an area of open countryside, instrumentation able to redirect the lightning current right through the water. In this way, the contact between the lightning energy and the water turns into oxygen and hydrogen. This reaction or chemical process is known as electrolysis. The phenomenon is able to convey in a cold and clean way the color of a metal to another, if in fact a hot insert an electrical resistance , an anode (positive) and a cathode (negative) and apply on the first immersed in a piece of brass , while the second is also immersed in the water a piece of iron, we note that by chemical reaction of the iron is colored gold, removing the color from the brass.


So here referring to how to derive energy from lightning we need a power source that has the same characteristic of a basin for the electrolytic process In this case, the electrical resistance is represented by the lightning discharge the lightning rod and then water ( a large tub) in which the anode and cathode in it connected, transmit energy to an accumulator With this demonstration, made ​​of simple examples you can figure out once again that it is possible to exploit the natural resources to remedy environmental disasters created by pollution and unclean energy sources.