Although they are emerging new technologies to limit its use, nowadays the batteries are, for us, of the instruments necessary for the operation of remote controls, clocks, watches, cameras. Their disposal, however, is very complex and very harmful to the environment because it helps the issuance of additional quantities of carbon dioxide . So, both for personal comfort, that to make the same good for the environment will be discussed some tips to extend the battery life as much as possible.

The first tip that may seem trivial, is to buy batteries rechargeable. The Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) replaced the Nickel-Cadmium batteries that had been banned by the European Commission in 2006 because they contain harmful substances, these batteries are certainly preferable to alkaline batteries, because they can be recharged thousands of times and there you need to dispose of or recycle them. E ‘be kept in mind, however, that the duration of these batteries is much lower than that of alkaline. They can be recharged continuously, once completely empty, but you have to remove them from the charger immediately when the charging process is completed.


We also need to choose the batteries according to the use that he must do and, therefore, depending on the device we want to insert. It’s clear that a digital camera has the need for batteries with high energy level, compared to a remote control. E ‘therefore appropriate to associate the right battery at the right device. Also, if some devices are used little or rarely (at Christmas, Easter, Halloween, birthdays), it is good to separate them from the batteries so they do not consume energy unnecessarily.

The last tip is to put the batteries in the refrigerator This is very useful for the NiMH batteries that hold 9/10 of a full charge when stored in a cool. The situation is different for the alkaline batteries that However, retain 5% of the energy As it is a thing to be reckoned with, in each case, and can be useful in cases of emergency, it is good to get used to always put the batteries in the fridge It’s clear that they go a bit removed, before using them would be impossible to take a picture with a camera when the batteries have been inserted cold!