The electric bicycle is a means of locomotion that in recent years has been experiencing a more rapid spread. Also referred to as bicycle pedal assisted in the sense that you just put your foot on the pedal and the vehicle moves on its own, thanks of course to the motor that is present in it. Reasons for this its great popularity are many and all can be easily understood : the reduced ecological impact, its being slim and able to get us moving in the traffic of the city center, as well as easy to solve the parking problem, but there is also a major flaw : the poor performance, many are asking how power strengthened.

This type of medium, in fact, by law can not go to a speed greater than twenty-five miles per hour, but if the motor is not able to support higher performance, some would always think of replacing it. To all intents and purposes there is no question of a operation particularly complicated: changing the engine of an electric bike is doable by anyone who wishes a minimum of electricity and mechanics, something in which he can try his hand in his garage, or alternatively a mechanic in a can resolve the issue in time very fast without great effort.


The point however is that, when we go to touch up the motor of our bike to pedal assisted, we risk turning it into something else, in a vehicle that is no longer the original one, but it looks more like a moped, at least as respect the laws of the Italian highway code. Doing so will provide the means which offer higher performance than standard electric bike (twenty-five miles per hour above) to be compulsorily insured and registered, as well as to become subject to road tax.

Basically the question is this: is it worth upgrade an electric bicycle? It is said that the answer is negative This is because, for example, in a big city the advantages of a medium such as this are worth all the expense that we incur to regularize the vehicle in accordance with the Highway Code. Finally, some practical advice to make more powerful the vehicle without having to change the engine, let’s lighten it by putting fenders are lighter or smaller wheels, and we will see that the improvement will already be sensitive immediately.