The installation of solar panels on your RV , you will reap many benefits . All you have to do to get good results is to choose the right equipment for solar panels by calculating the energy consumption while you are traveling. With a solar panel system, you do not have to worry about more current connections, but you will be able to enjoy your electrical appliances without it. Solar panels are safe and clean, the power supply is free and inexhaustible as they are powered by the sun. As for the maintenance, requiring only a occasional dusting. In the steps that follow to find the right advice on how to choose solar panels for your RV.

First, calculate what your daily electricity consumption in order to get solar panels that will provide enough power for your needs. List the feedback amplifiers of all your appliances and devices that work with direct current. Subsequently, multiply each of these ratings for the number of hours used and will get the total of the current used. You will also need to add a bit of leeway for phantom loads (they are small amount of electricity that the devices use even if you have disabled) daily consumption.


Calculate the capacity of the batteries you need, you must make sure that their discharge should never be more than 25% of their total capacity , so the batteries should have a total capacity that is four times the amount of your daily consumption including phantom loads (for example, if the daily consumption is 50 amps, the battery capacity should be 200 amperes). The solar panel will be chosen according to the power that has to keep the batteries in continuous charging. It is usually recommended 1 watt output of the solar panel for each ampere of the battery capacity.

The peak power in amperes measures the total amount of energy that your solar panel produces when there is bright sunlight, you’ll need to know this in order to purchase an appropriate corresponding solar charge controller, remember the higher this number, the Another efficient solar panel will be the quality should not be underestimated is the tolerance of the solar panel , which refers to the loss of power of solar panel. For example, if a 100-watt panel has tolerance of 10%, actually produces only 90 watts of power lower the percentage, the tolerance that the panel has, the better its performance.