With the new iOS 7 can change aspects of style and design in point, a way to further customize the way of interacting with your iPhone or iPad

The new system iOS in July fulfilled a month since its launch, and as we use its minimalist interface, new tools and features found interesting was not possible before use to improve the performance of your iPhone or iPad. The biggest changes in iOS 7 include the Control Center , Notification Center and the performance characteristics of multitasking , but there is a purely visual detail that until now was not possible to directly modify the letter and the text in general and how our device is displayed.

Step by step, changing the shape of the text

The font on iOS 7 will not be changed, it is Helvetica Neue. However, if we can change the thickness and size of the letter to give it a markedly different style. The configuration can be changed for better viewing, enlarging or shrinking the text according to the needs.

jailbreak ios-7

In the menu Settings – General – Text Size find the slider, if the move left the size will become smaller, and to the right enlarges the font size. Another way to increase the font is in the Accessibility menu, here the size is modified so the more remarkable, can cause changes in the platform. Not all applications are adapted to this change, only those that are compatible with dynamic text option.

The other hand, related to the thickness, can be done by increasing or decreasing the thickness, or the use of bold. For this last option is to restart the device. These changes are also made ​​from the Accessibility menu . There are other tricks and tips for iOS 7 from options to optimize the use of the camera to enhance autonomy. Be sure to review and share your experiences.