iMessage is a messaging service from Apple, which makes it easier to send and receive text messages, photos and videos very.

SMS was yesterday, with iMessage, owners of iPhones or iPads to send not only text messages but also photos, videos or contact information to other participants. These are sent encrypted to the trip and a delivery report tells you that the message has arrived. And this is all free and unlimited. How it works iMessage:

Additional software is required

If you have installed iOS 5, you need to do nothing. iMessage is already on your device. The same app lets you send text messages or receive, is also utilized for iMessage. You can find the app by the name of news , and a green icon on the home screen.

No installation or configuration

iMessage you can immediately use without having to configure settings. The function can be turned off, of course. Tap on Settings and look for the entry message. Turn the switch on then off. iMessage is the way on all iOS 5 devices. To send standard SMS, you need access to the network, as for example, the iPhone. iPad and iPod touch users can therefore send with iMessage wlan only send messages to other iOS devices.


Send a Message

To send a message you need to be connected either via Wi-Fi to the internet or a mobile network. Temporarily not connected, the message is stored and sent when you are back online. To write a message, tap the icon message and then click New Message. Look for the recipients from your contact list, type the text and add if necessary, add a picture or video. Then click Send. Your message is received on an iOS device, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of iMessage. If the recipient has enabled the read receipt, you can see when he read the message. And you can even see if someone is writing a response. iMessage messages are securely encrypted, so privacy is assured.

iMessage on multiple devices simultaneously use

Among the benefits of iMessage it is without a doubt that you can start a conversation, for example, on the iPhone and can continue on the iPad. This only applies to iMessage and not for text messages. It is important that you under Settings , Messages both devices have the same e-mail address is specified.

Delivery problems in practice

Only when the transmitter or receiver just have no Internet connection, or if the recipient has no device with iOS 5, Apple gets automatically from the message normal, so paid SMS. And another special feature: Because at iMessage all data are sent through Apple’s servers, users can start a conversation on an iPhone and later on to continue their iPad or iPod Touch.

Send a message to a cell phone number, the program will automatically switch to SMS mode and it will be sent a text message. Send the message to an Apple ID, the whole thing will be sent as iMessage. Unfortunately, the service does not currently always reliable. Especially if the recipient does not use iOS device and is not online, the message will disappear ever digital nirvana. This must and will Apple still safely rework.